Book Review: Ready, Steady, Go - Deepak Mehra

Ready, Steady, Go! by Deepak Mehra suggests words that are not theoretical ramblings of an expert in interpersonal relations, or chapters of a resounding treatise on psychology but contain tips that have an immediate practical use at work. In a conversational and pleasant style the author gives solution to the problems of everyday life at the office that no school prepares you to face.

Are you let down by your usual routine, and you feel unappreciated and oppressed by power games? Do not wait to change course, to flee from the rat race, or do something more useful? Do you think that other colleagues get many more opportunities than you? Do you want to grow more in your organization, and you want to make a career?

So you have the certainty that the job of your dreams exists, but you do not yet know what it is? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this book is for you. In a hypercompetitive business world like ours to be capable in carrying out your duties is not enough to emerge successful.

You have to know how to grasp every opportunity, knowing perfectly the system, to be always one step ahead of the others and appear calm and relaxed even in difficult situations. The book with a simple and brilliant language deal with all these issues and much more, as it shows the road to climb quickly the hierarchy of your company.

A book that is really essential for personal training where it shows that the human mind can achieve everything that it can conceive for the better. With self-discipline and control you can learn to master the mind. This book contains the secret, the magic formula to achieve financial success or personal, it is revealed over a hundred times throughout the book.

The book is definitely one of the most innovative texts in the panorama of management literature. It is, in fact, not a manual, but a path, an integrated approach, whose essential purpose is to show the way to manage corporate world in a very effective way, the way to get results, in line with its objectives.

The volume shows us methods that, when properly applied, can not only increase the ability to achieve personal and professional goals, but also to develop the best private and work relationships. Reading the book you will atleast one thing will become clear that there is no obstacle that can block our way while we remain true to ourself and our principles, which have to do with our core, and if seriously addressed could have a profound impact on all of us.

This book can change our way of thinking and our behaviour, giving us the opportunity to change the quality and trajectory of our lives. This is not just another manual photocopy or a copy and paste of authors or yet another book on self-help. This is a text to learn how to use more of the enormous potential of courage that everyone has inside, to promote freedom of thought and to increase our own personal power.

This is a book about being centred and to make choices for ourselves as it teaches how to project ourselves in the right mental dimension to realize our aspirations keeping aside victimization and fear of failure with a book to refer to whenever work life presents a new challenge, in order to face it with courage and energy to improve the quality of our lives.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 296 ♥ Publisher: Jaico Publishing House ♥ Published: December 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8184957679