Book Review: The Pleasure is All Mine

The Pleasure is All Mine by Shanaya Taneja is a topical story that hides the sweetest of desires and the cruelest deceptions amidst contemporary vision of the female soul in a mirror inside the sensuality and sexuality of women, who rediscovers their sensuality and finds the depth and the physical desire. It is a story dosed between the ephemeral emotions and an interestingly modern, erotic and compelling plot.

Sanjay is a contented chap with boisterous extramarital affairs and a gorgeous trophy wife Bharti, who is a cultured socialite. Wedged in a loveless marriage, Bharti dares to cut loose and uncover herself, while Sanjay rendezvous with a few, sleep with many, although loved no one until love comes knocking in both their lives.

When Sanjay saw the beautiful and strong Trisha, she was all he could feel about and was inexplicably drawn to her, who has the beauty to entice and the wits to know how, where and when and wants to be rich and famous, so she opens her arms for all the right men, a pawn in a bigger game of her, while Bharti bumps into Ankit, a breathtakingly charismatic affable chap, who thinks from his mind to take pleasure in life and make each second count.

Every game has its rules. When their lives come together and feelings fire up, dirty secrets are exposed and the only thing more shocking than the dark, dangerous pleasures they discover is how right it feels. In a world without justice and forgiveness choosing what to do seems too simple, but when you play with people, there are no certainties and there is no rule that cannot be broken.

This dark-hued novel with unexpected twists knows how to shock and surprise on every page, where love, hate, attraction, and anger are intertwined in a perfect combination with an explosive and unexpected ending. It will leave you in awe and will make you love the book, as I have loved every nuance.

Reading the book, you cannot help but be fascinated. It is a novel with the continuous escalation of intense emotions which is strong and charismatic, passionate and mysterious with twists that can even make you breathless. The plot will involve you and make you passionate with a completely unexpected ending that could not be otherwise.

I do not feel it an erotic book in the strict sense, but a love game seen through the eyes of characters, where Bharti sees life pass by without being able to enjoy a little tenderness and therefore is an easy prey to feelings that are not always sincere. The characters are all brushed with mastery. Few sentences put in the right place give a precise idea and structure the different personalities of the actors involved, who are damned souls and perverse, each in their own way.

When I started reading, I knew what to expect, and was expecting a novel which is intense, exciting, erotic and full of drama. I was expecting mysterious, dark as evil and seductive as sin protagonists with strong and determined heroines who can do anything. But I have found there is more. Much more.

This is a story that will lock your stomach. The atmosphere from the first page is creepy, as there is tension, but there is also a fascinating story, which is attractive and, impossible to pass up. The dialogues are intense, rich in nuances with subtle reasoning, which in turn can do nothing against the wish of the body. The meat knows when the mind wants to silence.

What I love about the author is primarily the style. Precise and smooth, refined and elegant, something you would not expect in a dark romance. Sensuality is veiled and never degenerates into vulgar, but still, conveys to the reader a high erotic charge. They are present, but never excessive and put there which is only intended to shock the reader.

This is why I recommend it to everyone who wants to give a chance to kind of try reading this book. You'll be amazed and fascinated.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: July 2016 ○ ISBN-13: 978-9382665724 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 176