Book Review: Destiny of Shattered Dreams - Nilesh Rathod

Destiny of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod is a very interesting thriller with a political-corporate background that boasts of an insider view into the corporate world and is also a heart-rending depiction of adore, dirty relationships of covetousness, conspiracy along with enlivening highs and its foibles.

The book tells the story of a once middle-class Atul Malhotra, a brilliant young ambitious man and his key aides to meteoric rise at business, who with excitement and raw nerve realize his dreams as he learns the knack of laying a bet for high stakes, and the problems this sudden rise causes.

The book lays bare what goes on behind the glittering fa├žade of corporate glory from the dirty corporate-politico nexus that compels this young man to precisely become skilled at the ropes and parley a globe where dirty deals and power plays can make or break lives, where one wrong choice could prove lethal and what follows is a fixture of deceitfulness, disloyalty and murder.

This very well written and full of suspense book highlights the spiral of success with no return in which humanity is putting on that will manage to hold the attention of the reader from the first page and has full of twists which gives us a fresco of the corporate world, that seem more populated by sharks than by ordinary employees.

The author gives us this little masterpiece of global corporate thriller genre, based on a rather simple but addicting plot and built around a protagonist who represents the honest young face of rampant and ambitious employees, attracted by easy money but at long last understand the price of it.

Thanks to the author the complicated world of white collar has entered the great collective, which here shows a truly exceptional artistic and creative vein. The story is compelling and engaging, the plot is perfect, and the characters are constructed in a manner nothing short of impeccable.

This corporate thriller is par excellence, with an author who writes very well, and knows what he is talking about, knows how to create tension, suspense, twists and so on characterized by a great plot, highlight important issues, with the right mix of verisimilitude and fantasy which is beautiful to read.

The author succeeds most of the time to capture the attention of the reader very soon, to release it only at the end of the book.

In the end a good thriller, that makes you think, and not a little, and this would make compulsory reading for ordinary people to understand the mechanisms going on behind the corporate world and the connection between politicians who represent us, to make us aware of all that is happening.

ISBN-13: 978-8129139757 • Binding: Paperback • Published: June 2016 • Publisher: Rupa Publications • Pages: 251 • Language: English