Book Review: Corpokshetra - Deepak Kaul

Corpokshetra by Deepak Kaul is a multifaceted novel, but accurate slide, which uses Mahabharata in a consistent and original manner that is to be able to delve into the intricacies of corporate psychology in a light humorous manner which, in fact, is not synonymous with superficiality with a fascinating book that is based on an original storyline full of mystery and humour written with a nice mix of myth and fantasy.

The Pandavas are demanding their stake in Hastinapur Inc. after having returned home after long exile, but the Kauravas, led by the arrogant Duryodhana, aren’t prepared to give them a chance and so the battle lines are drawn, but the only difference is that this war is held in the present Kurukshetra, which is the corporate boardroom where the wily adviser Krishna make strategies for peace, who come to enliven the situation and combines the modern touch to the competence of the word.

For the rest of the story it is very intense with many characters, many events and it is hard to hold up the ranks of the feelings and personalities of all the characters but you can never perceive inconsistencies in their actions. If you go into this perspective not only will you adore the author but the novel will seem even more innovative.

I’m fond of mythology and here I was attracted by the title, but I have to say that the story is exceptional and is beautiful, fresh, original and also educational. It surely is not an ordinary book as it is not a story written like many around but is original and something never read, as the mythology joins perfectly to a sliding storytelling that is enjoyable to read.

The story fascinates and engages the reader to another dimension, with a true, authentic narrative, which at times is sobering and sometimes makes you smile, as the author has been able to make it alive and interesting with characters from Mahabharata to such an extent as to make human and tangible, when they descend to the corporate boardroom.

A nice way of telling the merits and virtues of a society with the loose and elegant style and course of events and the plot are sliding and is easy to understand, which is found to deal with the attitudes and ways of thinking of men, which is compelling with tight and harmoniously manicured dialogues, never in excess, and the presentation of the various characters were made in a timely manner so as to be very clear to the reader.

The characters are well described both by the text and the dialogues, like the spaces in which they move are well defined with a fluent reading, a simple style though with courtly background, with a nice way of relating to mythology that make it visible in the human perspective.

The language is simple, the action proceeds largely for dialogue, so it's very smooth, which boasts many feelings from love, intense dislikes, bullying to mutual aid. If you want to try many feelings or if you want to empathize with the many characters of the Mahabharata read it. A book that must be read at least twice as in a parallel with real life occurs to me is, as always, everything is relative.

It is a book that I loved, and sincerely and in fact for all of the excitement and the smiles that such a compelling story gives us. It is not the first time that an emerging writer amazes me for cleverness in the writing but in this book I also found the magic touch that until now I had only discovered in already established and award-winning authors.

You're probably wondering how I can make such a conjecture and primarily on what basis I can build this opinion of mine. I do not hesitate a moment to respond. When it happens, it means that the author has something to say really and has demonstrated imagination, good taste and irony.

Here I found the freshness of spontaneous phrases and banters exchanged with wit, here I found the messages under the lines that can make you completely reassess the vision you have of a particular character, the emotional involvement that can make you continue reading for hours and hours without ever stopping, the simplicity of style that is never a sin but has only abilities to get to the heart and mind of the reader in no time.

I'm excited about this writer who demonstrates originality in the narrative fluency in the story, and knows how to combine the liveliness of an accurate narrative. The writing is not only very smooth, but also full of food for thought. The author demonstrates that he has a great imagination, even a deep sensitivity and an amazing knowledge of human psychology.

I summarize by saying that all characters from Mahabharata are laughing as the reader follows the wheel, but a few seconds after closing the book he finds himself thinking about these people, from which we eventually are surrounded in life everyday as myth and fantasy is a winning combination when the magic pen flows between the fingers of a intelligent writer.

I conclude by warmly recommending this novel that will accompany you in these rainy evenings, when all you need is a cup of tea and this little book to read, which will be able to make you really get away from this reality, which makes us arrive exhausted at ten.

Publisher: Westland ◘ Published: April 2016 ◘ ISBN-13: 978-9385724930 ◘ Language: English ◘ Binding: Paperback ◘ Pages: 132