Book Review: City of Death - Abheek Barua

City of Death by Abheek Barua is a very well thought out book and the elements intertwine and unravel with intelligence as it promises to leave the reader glued to the last page, and so it does with a plot that is fluent, compelling and can be read in one breath, dispensing shots and reversals throughout the book so as to arouse more curiosity.

On a sultry rainy day Sohini Sen, a sharp and sensitive investigator, who struggles with addiction and dejection is brought back from an officious wilderness to the thick of action as she gets a call from the chief minister’s office after a youthful lady from a well-connected family in the metropolis has been found viciously murdered.

Sohini is ill-prepared for an enquiry that is a opinionated minefield with television anchors and tabloids baying for blood and in an atmosphere of constant psychological tension the murderer take advantage of the weaknesses of the paranoia of the society to shake her confidence and discredit her testimony.

As a range of involved parties, fortified with clout and riches, attempt to stage-manage the murder probe, Sohini is strained to question the very likelihood of justice and from this moment begins a story with thrilling ups and downs that leads to doubt herself and what is real or just a figment of her imagination. Strange events occur, but she is determined not to surrender even the evidence.

The story unfolds in a climate of suspense and temporary abstraction from reality as the characters surrounding Sohini are numerous who has very different character traits. It will be only the determination and fortitude of characters to dispel any doubt about the extent of giving an important contribution to the solution of the spectacular murder.

The novel reads well and is particularly attractive with very beautiful descriptions of the places. The landscape, in which the author sets his story, is full of suspense. Pink and yellow are colours that generally do not mix well, but the author operates the magic and makes use of the two colours to paint a good novel. The pink part takes a good percentage of the novel.

The part thriller, to be honest, follows already seen scripts in the cinema or bookstore. A theme already seen, but still appreciable, the answer is given to us, between the lines in absolutely no figurative sense, by the author. His smooth pen and his narrative balance leave us free to enjoy the story.

Also well developed, the book finds its strength in the characterization. Fragile, but Sohini is determined against her gruff surroundings. The climate of suspense is tempered by the witty and funny dialogues between the characters. I'm fond of all of them while reading.

To conclude, the story is well told, and I recommend reading to those who does not mind a good thriller, as the plot develops with more relaxed scenes alternating with a purely thrilling atmosphere with that subtle thrill of growing tension, combined with elegant, compelling, intimate style. I think it’s the best.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 288 ♥ Publisher: Juggernaut ♥ Published: July 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8193237212