Book Review: B.S. Incorporated - Jennifer Rock

B.S. Incorporated by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss is a book where among its pages runs the story of a crumbling American Company, the struggle of two individuals to save it, the shadowy dealings of its top level employees and a light golden thread capable to satisfy each of these broad themes.

The protagonist of the story of the whole novel is Will Evans, a tremendously intelligent communications manager in Business Solutions Incorporated, who is persistently frayed among his proletarian warehouse past and his executive future.

BSI is falling apart at the seams as the company’s CEOs bring in shadowy corporate consultants to shudder up their company in ways even they don’t recognize. When Will is put in charge of continuing a dubious plan, Will is shoved subterranean into a mess of farce and conscientiousness he certainly not expected.

And then come in Anna Reed, business mercenary with heels as high as her goals, to whom, the company is just a way in to a superior career at a smarter concern. Demoted to Will’s team on her first day, she’s ready to even out anybody to get her job back on track. When the company is pushed to the edge of insolvency, Will hatches a secret plan that just might save them all.

But he needs Anna’s shrewd audacity to pull it off, as Anna, will be involved in a dangerous game where the stakes are her talisman, that represents perhaps the lost innocence and beauty that alone can save the world.

I finished reading this book a few days ago, and now feel I have to "store" the story before plunging into another novel. I would call this book captivating, almost unable to avoid immediately turning the page to find out what happens in the next. I did not expect such a charm and in fact it remains a story whose protagonists always see the company from the crooked side.

It could be said, however that the book was really was out of breath, especially during the last chapters, where it seems to finally get the breakthrough capable of changing a falling Company and holding in suspense until the last line.

I had a desire to start reading it all over again in the same time when I finished. This, because of the amount of life present in the book and feelings and vicissitudes of the individuals and of society, here involved and intertwined beautifully.

We will see Will, the main character, and follow him evolve over the course of his existence, as we see him grow clashing with the torments of his ego, with the difficulties of his Company, with events that seem to overwhelm him like waves, up to the summit and to the pages of deep reflection on himself and the world.

There is no sentimentality, but rather a deep reading of the feelings, the will and human inertia, the faults and suffering, sometimes self-destructive. Although Will comes to the cynical and disillusioned awareness of what life in the Company far from a sugary and amazing adventure understands that, between reality and the moment when our mind painfully merges in it, there is a different, alternate, magical space.

It is not easy to summarize the scope, analysis and implications of this massive book, therefore, I conclude by strongly recommending reading the beautiful and engaging book by the author. In the balance between harsh reality and dreams, melancholy, paranoia, elation, loneliness, we are touched directly to the soul, with an intimacy sometimes too intense.

A book that reads obsessively until the last pages in which action and thriller take the place of the story with a powerful novel, complex, brilliantly written that transform before our eyes, just like a masterpiece that reveals parts of themselves according to the observation point.

The narrator of this book seduces and moves us and is one of those voices that continue to speak to us even after we read the last page which is never boring, never predictable as it involves, indeed, sweeps throughout its narrative.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: May 2016 ○ ISBN-13: 978-9382665700 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 185