American Horror Story Season 7: First Trailer Unveiled

For horror fans, there is good news. The American Horror Story Season 7 is getting closer and closer. Still the title and the exact subject are kept under lock and key. So far only the US election campaign between Clinton and Trump has been mentioned as a source of inspiration. Now, a first teaser trailer from an unknown source is leaked, which could bring light into the dark.

The first teaser trailer for the American Horror Story seventh season is out, which was probably not thought by the makers. In the Internet, the new material provided a veritable stir, because officially the release was probably not. Just as we are accustomed to American Horror Story, this teaser trailer is also cryptic.

We see balloons in American national colors, an obligatory tool in US campaigns. Suddenly, a man in a suit with clown mask peaks out. What does it have to do with it? Will the President be a monster in the next season, or will we be given an election in the style of The Purge? We will know more by September 2017.

After the topic of the next season was announced, the TV series creator Ryan Murphy published an initial picture of the new monster on his instagram account. The sketch is macabre and shows a mixture of an elephant and a clown. What exactly it has to do with the election campaign was not betrayed. But one can assume that the polite theme is spiced up with overly natural elements and oblique shapes. In addition, horror clown Twisty from Season 4 will have a gig.

American Horror Story Season 7: Election Campaign

In the American Horror Story 7, Murphy wants to devote himself, as already mentioned, to the everyday horror. The American presidential election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is to be worked on. These political tones are new to AHS. Murphy, however, has proved with American Crime Story that he can tackle socially challenging topics ambitiously. The series was awarded the Golden Globes 2016 as the best mini-series.

Whether there will be a figure that is modeled after Trump has not yet been established. However, one can assume that the 45th US President will leave his mark. Just ask what roles Murphy's main actor will take over. The shooting starts in June 2017.

American Horror Story All Seasons

American Horror Story Season 1: Murder House

Here, the Columbine Highschool massacre was discussed, in which 13 people died in 1999. Also Tate Langdon played by Evan Peters runs his school Amok. In addition, a typical ghost story is told, in which the new house owners are driven to death by the deceased inhabitants.

American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum

In the second season Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) embodies the crazy psychiatrist Dr. Oliver Thredson. The figure is reminiscent of Edgein, the serial murderer and corpse miser, who made items of objects made of corpse parts. The setting of creepy psychiatry, in which patients are used for inhuman experiments, is associated with religious themes such as evil nuns and exorcism.

American Horror Story Season 3: Coven

Kathy Bates plays the serial killer Marie Delphine LaLaurie. In the nineteenth century, she tortured and killed many African slaves in New Orleans. Season 3 also plays in an academy for witches.

American Horror Story Season 4: Freak Show

The creepy clown Twisty is based on John Wayne Gacy who appears during childbirth and murder at least 33 children and teenagers. The story takes place in a Freakshow in 1952. It is about intrigues, murders and the discrimination, and the different fairy-tale fairgrounders.

American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel

The figure of the elegant hotel owner embodied by Evan Peters is based on the notorious serial killer Henry Howard Holmes. Holmes brought it to prosperity in Chicago around 1880 and built a huge hotel, which he converted into a secret death trap. His favorite victims were servants, hotel guests and his numerous affairs. According to estimates, he had up to 200 people on his conscience.

American Horror Story Season 6: Roanoke

The last season tells the story of a couple who is attracted to an enchanted place in the country. The plot takes up the tragedy of Roanoke. At the time of the colonization of America around 1590, 117 pilgrims disappeared without trace in this colony. There was no evidence of a fight or attack. Only the mysterious word Croatoan was engraved in a tree.

American Horror Story Season 1-7: Cast Overview

After the departure of main actress Jessica Lange, many fans realized that American Horror Story is no longer the same TV series. These fears have come true, as the fifth season Hotel has a completely different style than the first four seasons. But this has not ruined the success of American Horror Story. Now that the first episode of season 7 is out, the cast has expanded a bit.

American Crime Story star Cuba Gooding Jr. will be there this time. In addition, regular actresses Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett are back. Lady Gaga takes a creepy role as a witchcraft. Here you will find an overview of all the important actors, with whom we can possibly also count in the seventh season of American Horror Story. In addition, Jessica Lange will work with Ryan Murphy, but not in American Horror Story but in the new series Feud.