Good Food Good Mood

One of the most important aspects of any trip, in my opinion, is the food. Savoring new dishes, tasting the unique flavors of the place, I love to try everything, even a mouthful, but it's everything. There are few things you talk about the culture of a place as the food. It must be said that I would spend my life being able to eat. Indeed to taste everything.

Having to choose only one dish on the menu makes me go mad. I love to try a small amount of everything. That is why I always try to convince my fellow diners to choose a dish different from mine so I can taste a bit of everything. Eating is an integral part of the trip. Flavors and culture are intertwined in one bite that the traveler cannot get lost.

I speak not only of the food itself, but also the rites everywhere which are created around the eating with the conviviality at the table In Kolkata, the cakes in front of the TV with friends in Shillong, afternoon tea in Bangalore and Chennai, the tandoori food, biryani and raita in Hyderabad and Amritsar, which is the symbol of hospitality.

From these habits, you understand many aspects of a culture from the extrovertness of the Bengali people to the importance of family in Bangalore and Chennai, the elegance of the Marathis, the Punjabi determination, vitality and warmth of the Gujaratis, the composure and courtesy of Malayalees.

Observing people through the lens of food teaches you so much more about their culture. There are places to eat which are just an excuse to get together, others where it is normal to book a table for one person. There are places where they stay in a kitchen full day for the person they love, others where they always eat outside the home and do not go shopping for weeks.

There are places where they are at the table for hours chatting, others where they eat on the move walking alone between the office and home. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, a trip without going at least once (but believe me, it will be many more) to the local street vendor in Mumbai is unthinkable and eating freshly cooked food in front of you, as well as the fun to watch in the presence of the public, where the cooks duty is exalted, sneaking in improbable wacky culinary stunts, where you can see the preparation right in front of you.

While traveling, for me, it is essential to eat the local dishes, which is like taking a bite of a piece of the world.

The Art of Happiness in Travel

If you are more and more often wondering about how to live a long and happy life, then, it is time to do something. Defining happiness is difficult because happiness is actually a state of mind. What leads to happiness changes also from person to person; what makes you happy can be very different from what makes happy your neighbor or your boss.

Yet, although it is hard to define, there is something of the happiness that has universal appeal. Virtually everyone tries to reach it. Although not everyone can and despite being abstract and, at times, elusive, it has been shown that there are different ways to reach it and that living happily is possible, starting from small actions to be performed every day with a well-planned life for a beautiful tomorrow.

For me traveling to exotic places around the world would be my ultimate happiness. Travel is what makes me happy, not only for the experience itself but also for the pleasure of the experience itself, when my sense of anticipation peaks. I believe to be happy, therefore, it is best to travel rather than purchasing an object.

For me, it is better to focus on experiences such as massages, exhibitions, concerts and descents on the ski slope in the Alps, compared to material goods for the pleasure that I can draw from the so-called experiential purchases that begin even before you go for check-in to the place which has higher levels of happiness.

For me, body massages in exotic Spas make me feel better about my own body and to increase levels of healthy substances which helps to buffer some of the effects of stress and immediately improve my mood and to feel good. The massage helps to keep my mind focused, calm the nerves and supports inner peace, including an increase in compassion and self-awareness.

For me meeting people from diverse cultures helps reduce my anxieties that significantly increases my psychological well-being which not only keeps me active and standing but it also adds to the social aspect that also gives me a greater sense of utility while reducing levels of stress.

To be more specific the things that can add zest to my life are:

1. Traveling across India in and out of a train. Walking between the valleys of the Himalayas, from Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh. Watching how spirituality, bright colors and extravagant decorations meet at the Meenakshi Temple at Madurai. See close up of a tiger in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Snorkeling in the Coral Reefs and sleeping under the stars in the Andaman Islands.

2. Take a section of the Mongolian steppe and the Gobi desert as also walking along a stretch of the Great Wall of China.

3. Eating a plate of sushi in the fish market in Tokyo while dreaming of being in a fairy tale world in the Chocolate Hills of Philippines.

4. Leaning from the Pulpit Rock in Preikestolen, Norway for the sheer thrill while admiring the aurora borealis in Scandinavia and finally navigate the world to Antarctica on an icebreaker, spotting whales and penguins.

5. Hop on one of the scenic spots from where I can admire the Grand Canyon, and then breathe in the lively and carefree atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro ending with dancing the tango in Argentina.

For me, the very thought of these experiences gives me a better mood which to me is more meaningful and rewarding with the most diverse expectations makes me feel more connected and happy. Just going to diverse places and getting some fresh air and the sun makes me feel an increased well-being, and broaden my thinking.

eFiling of Income Tax Returns

In 1991, India was affected by the most serious economic crisis ever recorded since independence. For the first time in India in December 2010, unemployment rate increased to as high as 9.4 percent. The Indian economy is still going forward with structural challenges to its competitiveness and growth and obstacles. Many of these shackles still exist, but the crisis has also been a catalyst for change and to carry out a restructuring of the taxes.

Alien Creeps TD Review

Tower Defense is now somehow an old genre. Many game developers use the formula for making games because most of the things are already done for them. Taking a track, putting points where you can make towers, throwing in some stylized cartoon graphics with more pompous characters and some small new mechanics. It’s a bonanza!

Hello readers, the aliens have landed on Earth and they did not come for peace. In fact, they want to take over our planet, but humans will not stand idle and in Alien Creeps TD will form the impregnable defenses. You are one of those human beings who have to protect the world from aliens. Can you save Earth?

Thanks to your tactical skills such as first you can choose where to place your weapons on the battlefield and above all to stop enemies in your headquarters. You will be able to begin the fantastic technological research that can stop even the aliens with a shield. Resisting the aliens will be really tough, but you'll never give in to their arms and will fight them all: wave after wave!

Alien Creeps is yet another tower defense game that has all the frenzy of epic battles with hordes of devious enemies, lightning, helicopters, and explosions. Boom and skip those creeps with powerful towers and mow them down with sturdy infantry units and armed heroes zapping them with the supercharged Tesla Tower! Upgrade your weaponry, plan your strategy and get ready for action!

Are you sick of aliens? Well, these aliens have a story. They have a difficult situation. They are just cannon fodder for your turrets. The purpose is to defend the Earth and at any cost. To fight against the Alien Creeps TD alien you must always have a good strategy and especially effective weapons for each battle as Captain Strike. When the waves of aliens come, you have to follow their path and make the most of the towers as just one mistake from your end will let the aliens take full possession of your base!

To win this gigantic war against the aliens landed on Earth, you need a brief tutorial as in that you will understand how Alien Creeps TD works. In fact, the game is very simple, as you will see there will be a path to follow and on which the aliens will attempt the assault.

You have to stop them with towers and there will be different types, you can, in fact, use the electric range to counter a big number of enemies. But it takes some time to load. You can choose for the soldiers of the tower to stop the advance or it will only slow down. Then there will be air strikes, then the towers of the machine guns and finally the tower of beam laser. They are essential if you want to get rid of those aliens with a protective shield.

There will not be simple quests but you can always count on heroes like Flak, a great warrior who alone can also stop at ten aliens at a time. Once at base camp, you can take advantage of the earned money to begin research on all fields as in Base Busters and thus obtain the most powerful towers to use in battle and win easily!

With that in mind, Alien Creeps got the same things, but the gameplay is pretty solid. There are your traditional towers, with rockets, lasers, machine guns, and small masses of advancing aliens. You can update these towers outside of the maps with the coin, then wait or use micro-transactions to accelerate the process, or buy coins with microtransactions. There are lots of updates of course and you can control the heroes who are upgradeable themselves.

You move the map, protect and kill aliens while upgrading your towers. You can also get new heroes for further progression. With this in mind, the progression will be more difficult if you take the free road. Games like these always encourage transactions, and Alien Creeps is no exception.

Alien creeps have a decent graphics, decent polished tower defense gameplay, and the same line of the story that proliferate these games. The graphics in Alien Creeps TD is very beautiful, the colors are vibrant and the characters are really funny, especially the aliens. The game is so much fun and never too busy!

The game is free and very light then installing it is a breeze. Alien Creeps TD is a game available both on Android and iOS and is suitable for all types of players. It is perfect for those who want an engaging and fun adventure for those who love light and simple but exciting game!