Book Review: Ponytail - Pradip Chauhan

Ponytail: The Love for Revenge by Pradip Chauhan has that sensual and intoxicating aroma until something unexpected and shocking happens that upset the lives of the characters and their certainties, with the message that we cannot change the past but surely can change the future.

Prabuddh is a youthful flourishing businessman, who has spent his life for making money and becoming dominant. He has his own motives of existence with a struggling teenage, as he lost his parents because of foul play by two rich culprits, Ramakrishnan and Mehta, and to achieve his goals he falls in love with Tapasya, daughter of Ramakrishnan and Kaumudi, daughter of Mehta that changes his life.

Prabuddh’s dark impulses and feelings are explored after the meeting between his lovers that will come to the surface, which are analyzed and explored with pain, pleasure, desperate need and satisfaction. A novelty for someone like him who had always had to think about how to move forward, Tapasya and Kaumudi give him much more than he had imagined that love could give.

Prabuddh also falls in love with Amita and as he breezes with his desire for revenge against his parents killers, and there is a completely unpredictable ending with lost of twists to the tale. The finish is quite unexpected but successful though.

Betrayals, scandals, sensuality. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the perfect novel. I will not hurt you, but when we are in that room, I will have what I want. Revenge, money and power are a cocktail that everyone would like to enjoy.

All the characters are well cared for and are so real that it seems inspired by real life.  They are fascinating and dangerous who know exactly what they want and how to get it and if that means continuing to drink the cocktail of revenge and power, they are ready to do so.

An intense story, where emerge the desire to fight for justice after a happy family (apparently) destroyed, the pain for the death of loved ones, a newborn love, the ruthlessness of an upright man who thinks he can do what he wants because he has the means to do so.

The author manages to convey well the various emotions of the characters, and reading them you will be impressed and curious to know how the storyline will evolve, and whether they can build a peaceful future. This story is intense and the protagonists are described with particularity and attention, with lots of feelings and emotions.

I really liked all the characters as the author have managed to make me love all the characters, and reading their stories you will seem to feel their pain. The book is recommended if you like stories of success with a bit of pinch.

Publisher: CreateSpace  ○ Published: 2016 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-1532751592  ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 172