Book Review: Let the Game Begin

Let the Game Begin images

Let the Game Begin by Sandeep Sharma is a thriller based on the game of chess. And as I started to read it, I did not stop until the end. The characters and their evolution are well characterized and the pages do not scare you, as the reading is never boring, that does not lack suspense and the curiosity will carry you to the end.

Two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt, are at war with each other since ages, which are split by a shaman mountain range Lambasa Parbat that seems to have absorbed evil forces that go beyond any human understanding.

Chaturanga, the prosperous one, was ruled by valiant King Viratha, who always defeated Sarprakt on the other side, whenever they attacked. Chaturanga is before long bestowed with a self-motivated successor, Devrat, but King Veeshdhar of Sarprakt is executing a cruel plan and finally, Devrat gets killed treacherously as also King Veeshdhar. King Viratha, crippled by the conspiracy urges the mystifying man of the mountain trikalgyani to devise a method to rebuild the plot and that give birth to the game of Chess.

After 4000 years King Viratha, reincarnate through faking himself as Vyappi, the undying one and that's when the forces of evil are unleashed. Serial killings jolt the land as the police are rendered oblivious with the assassin leaves behind a trail of chess pieces with an eccentric message. Specialists in diverse fields from History, Chess, and the Security forces come together as the next intended casualty is the most powerful person in the country.

The basic idea would be very apt fact that the killer turns his chosen victims that paste the reader to the pages. The game of chess got to do much. And what beautiful twists! All this pleads according to my parameters absolutely in favor of the novel, which pierces the pages and pushes the reader to breeze through. I found good psychological insights, good alternation of episodes, pace, suspense, and twists.

The ingredients would appear at first glance to be those of a classic thriller with a serial killer who plays a game of chess with the police, bragging of his brutal moves. So far you could say that there is nothing original, and yet the book has the sudden changes in perspective, reversals of situations and unexpected twists that make it extremely interesting.

I expected to have some difficult time being used to reading mainly in the evening, in the dark, lying in bed with my trusty little magic light, and before beginning I really had the thought that maybe I should wait to have the time to read this book only during the day but at the end of it is a highly recommended good thriller, as the book promises thrills to the pure terror that you cannot get to sleep, and in short, all of which in a thriller usually make the difference.

The best thrillers are nothing is ever as it seems and this tradition is respected here with definitely good plot building, unpredictable to the end which will continue in the next volume.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Inspire India ♥ Pages: 180 ♥ Published: 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9385783463