Book Review: Against Ambedkar, Against the World

Against Ambedkar, Against the World by Harsh Trivedi apparently can be labelled as a fantasy, but in reality the typical elements also of the Indian society are there, with some thoughtful elements.

India will never be the same again in 2030 when Kejriwal becomes the seventeenth prime minister of India in a momentous term of office and a virgin Brahmin youth, Mayank decides to go on board on a life altering expedition to lose his virginity and discover his social order.

The story that the author creates is populated by real and unforgettable characters, whose stories are interwoven in number of ways as the young lad runs into the eventual monster of contemporary India's identity, Ambedkar amidst Kamlesh, the SC with super-powers, Boboi, the tree worshipping Catholic and Shiv, the eternal lover, as their destinies run into in this nerve-jangling, shadowy and coked-up ride, in time and space, through an India that you have never seen before.

The protagonists are absolutely original who are initially wacky and a bit naive, impassive front to oddities, who makes an evolutionary process throughout the novel, which will transform it into a strong and brave characters and play a key role until the end of the book. All the characters have surprises from start to finish.

In the novel, I saw a number of underlying issues, events and thoughts, easily found in everyday Indian society today from the pains and burdens of the younger generation, the difficult choices and the need to grow and mature suddenly ahead of schedule with situations beyond their control which weigh on the shoulders of a teenager.

As to the style, I think is straightforward, simple and fluid. The author manages to keep alive the reader's attention with twists and unusual lives. I highly recommend this novel both for the fantastic background and the ability to transmit thoughts, which are in everyone’s mind but most are afraid to talk.

The depth of the themes is perfectly balanced by the incisive and engaging style. The pages fly, the words make you think. I would not recommend this book to pass the time, and do not recommend it to become more educated. I recommend it to learn to live, to think, to address the problems to find hope even when it seems to have been abandoned.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 200 ♥ Published: April 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352015818