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It is 4.15 am in the morning and your alarm clock has just taken away a beautiful dream. Your eyes are open but pupils are still closed, and all you see is veiled darkness. For a brief moment, you can convince yourself that your wakefulness is a mistake, that you can safely go back to sleep. But then you turn around and see your bag overflowing with too many items to be packed in. You let off a sleepy groan when you realise you have to go to the airport.

Kash Karnival Casino Gaming Review

Playing using tablets and smartphones is the latest in online gaming. The casinos for mobile media are a great innovation over the last years for the gaming industry. Thanks to cell phones and latest generation tablets, the game developers are now able to reach players potentially anywhere, without having to go through a computer with just any device that can connect to the Internet, such as those that many of us carry in our pockets, purse or backpack everyday.

The mobile casino game is the latest offer from Kash Karnival that allows you to earn daily rewards, smash jackpots, and redeem your winnings for real prizes and awards. Experience the fun and excitement of arcade and puzzle skills with elements of unique bets and win huge jackpots in all your favorite games with entertaining bonuses. The new registrants are entitled to a welcome bonus.

Currently, there are skill-based action games and the Adventure Casino with the latest ones being Viktor's Juke Joint Multihand Blackjack and Kookie Kapers.

In the adventure casino there are skill bonus features where you can check how much you win jackpots, free games and multipliers with bigger chances of winning with wild multipliers, wild and scatter symbols and free spins with regular challenges, as well as seasonal and themed challenges, where you can win Free Spins, coins and gems with bonus day with a chance to win coins, gems amidst challenges of entertaining skills, amazing graphics, game history and mini-game slots with wild bonus multipliers as well.

Considering that blackjack has always been one of the most popular classic games, as well as one in which it is easier to take home the winnings given the narrow margin, finally online casinos have made available some mobile single-hand and multi-hand Blackjack versions which you can play on portable devices.

What differentiates mobile blackjack offered by the casino from the common gaming apps is the ability to play with real money. Blackjack is a game that does not require special graphic animations and for this reason the mobile version work properly on Android system, and the most common devices. So you play blackjack as a game of pure chance, almost like scratching a scratch card.

What makes this very uncertain game fall on the fact that when the player has to make his bet, both the dealer's cards are face down. Because the probability of each outcome is different, even the payout of each episode is different. The player then makes his bets blindly without applying skill or knowledge.

In the skill district there are easy to play, but oh-so-hard to master casual skill games with instant wins as each level is cleared with range of games to choose from to suit your mood and level skill and more power-ups and gems to help you win real jackpot with stories and cut scenes that will further immerse with fantastic and lovely characters.

The skill games like Kookie Kapers is one of the most popular resources for the player that depend more on the ability of each player than fortune (with capital F) which affects much of the traditional casino games.

Trying the free online skill games, in our opinion, is an excellent solution for learning the different mechanisms of each game to familiarize with the rules and trying to find out the real effectiveness of all the advice in strategy.

The new bonus offered by the casino Kash Rewards awarded every time you purchase something in the Kash Karnival with real money can be used to redeem a range of exciting real items from the Kash Store including the latest electronics and gadgets, practical home wares, and fashion items such as watches, bags and wallets, and the terms are quite favorable compared to most of the promotions of the other operators. In any case, the bonuses never impede the collection of winnings to the player obtained with the money deposited.

From the technical point of view everything is running smoothly and we found no usability issues, while in terms of safety, reliability and quality of service is excellent and you need a stable data connection or rather a fast Wi-Fi connection.

The Mobile casino games are available for both tablets and for smartphones that you can download from the App Store of Apple or install on Android devices. Just log in to the mobile version to choose the mode you prefer. This mobile gaming mode has a couple of advantages where you can access all the games available. The minimum requirements to run on tablets and mobile phones of the casino games are not too high, thanks to new technologies used by manufacturer.

Datsun redi-GO: The 5-door City Car

Driving my car in urban areas implies juggling through many road users and transport facilities. It also means facing a situation of complex traffic and a large number of activities. And more so especially in the city of Kolkata where roads are narrow and the number of vehicles and common public walking along the streets is endless.

After a series of advances that have taken place in recent months, Datsun Redi-Go is unveiled. The new Urban Cross Datsun Redi-Go is presented with the features of a small five-door sedan, designed for city driving. The style expressed by this new car is substantially different. The car body of the new Datsun Redi-Go sports a character as marked by an idea of mini crossover, more open to urban needs.

The design of the first render appears more fluid. It has high ground clearance of the passenger compartment, wide windows. There are large four-doors, at the expense of external dimensions where even the two rear doors almost touch the taillights.

Redi-Go is intended to increase efficiency. It is personalized and adapted to driving in city traffic especially in urban traffic. There is advanced driver assistance systems like steering system, braking system and camera where a driver may experience difficult situations when they may fail to respond adequately to situations. But now they can take advantage of the additional space that is created on the road. It help avoid collisions with vehicles and pedestrians in city traffic.

Redi-Go can improve driving and safety even when drivers know how to deal with this new information and know how to react properly. With Redi-Go getting around town will be easier than ever before. Thanks to its compact size I can turn nimbly in city traffic, with easy access to the high traffic areas.

Redi-Go will help plan my day well as it becomes a pleasure. With this car I can move several times, saving time, stress, combining work and leisure. There are many advantages in a personal small car that is practical and intelligent. It is designed with comfortable interior compartments capable of containing every object of my professional and daily life.

Redi-Go is not only small and personal but also very sociable. It has been designed with low fatigue five seats to bring whoever you want next to you. The car has everything with infotainment options, parking aid rear camera, a lot of storage space, steering wheel controls and automatic climate control.

The agility of this city car is surely ideal in traffic and into tight spaces and in short, a complete city car. The ability of a great car with very easy handling and an elegant design make the Redi-Go also ideal for long distances. Designed and built to feel superior, it offers the ideal comfort in any situation.

Redi-Go is complete and perfect car for the city. It has everything you need with 5 doors, supreme comfort, guidance systems and agility at the top. All this at a very low price for what it offers and you cannot ask for more.

With its distinctive design, the sculptural art merges with the precision. Summer or winter, day or night, with Redi-Go, I can always move the way I want.