Book Review: The Tantric Curse - Anupama Garg

The Tantric Curse by Anupama Garg is an extraordinary chronicle set in the world of Tantra that aims to put to flight most of the legends with reference to the custom and will keep you enthralled till the very last page.

On a new moon night, eight year old Rhea puzzlingly lands at the doors of a Tantric house of veneration, in a reverie. Realizing that she is sanctified with bizarre faculties, the maharishi, Satya, chooses her as an adherent over his own son, Krishnam, to take going on his ancestry, a dispensation until that time bestowed just to males.

Unfortunately fate is not kind to the rainbow girl and does nothing but to test her mettle as the lineage has been cursed for generations, and it is up to Rhea to either break the curse or perish in the attempt.

With an impossible and tormented love and a passion so poignant with the knowledge of how wrong it is to separate two souls so perfect complementary for one another but the life around them is treacherous. So Krishnam and Rhea will face a desperate search, with dark mysteries to unravel and too many cruel lies.

These and many other questions will find answers in the reading of this book. The book is fantastic with nice and breezy, sharp, clear writing and the environment in which the story takes place feel like a real place. And if the suspense created is not enough, know that this book is full of excitement, adventure and danger as never before.

The characters in this novel are mature but not only in the ways of relating to the problems, but above all feelings because they have their own doubts and weaknesses and only those doubts lead to struggle and seek the truth. It creates a kind of magic when a character moves from one medium to another without making us miss a minimum of vitality and credibility.

The inner growth of adorable Rhea, and her character in its complexity and in its verisimilitude, is increasingly palpable and evident. The construction of her personality is increasingly detailed and, despite the changes she suffered all through the book, it's nice to see how she still manages to remain true to herself.  Though forced to struggle Rhea never renounces her image of a mild-mannered good girl.

The book with its style is surreal and overwhelming. The events, the inner feelings, experiences and dream-body ones, crossing the experiences of the protagonist, make the read always compelling, scary and upsetting. This form of storytelling envelops the reader in an aura of mystery and uncertainty that arouses great curiosity and makes the reading highly addictive.

Each page fascinates and intrigues. The narrated story is steeped in mystery and shocking events that evoke wonder and curiosity. The extracorporeal occult theological and philosophical visions and existential reflections contained in the story of the life of the protagonist intrigue the reader and push him to continue with extreme involvement in reading.

Brilliant, unique, and dark, the saga, is in my opinion a must read, which while hiring more sensual tones, never lose its air of fierce, ironic and irresistible mix of mysteries to unravel, that you can not help but wish for that between very vivacious and bright colours, has created a certain feeling.

The dialogues, silent or otherwise, would be enough to keep you glued to the pages indefinitely. The book in short is a fascinating story but surprisingly it is also an introspective story of redemption and ransom, of coexistence with the different. When the other person is so similar to us, how can you decide who is wrong and who is right?

The author manages to write a story that captures and at the same time knows how to touch the core. Here is a story that begs to be read all in one go, with short chapters often culminating in a thrilling cliff-hanger, built with a perfect composition. It flows fast and impetuous as a torrent, with a perfect narrative balance until the end.

In the pages of the novel the writer reveals a relentless writing, tinged with a melancholy that reflects the inner torments of all the characters, without exception. The scenes are fast and exciting, and are reflected in the mind of the reader with a real pain, which takes your breath away.

The descriptions vibrate with a passion that touch the deepest chords that seems to take a decisive turn towards the dark fantasy subgenre, with an emphasis on dark magic rituals often unmentionable and even unimaginable with descriptions sometimes quite gruesome, but always well done.

The style is smooth, with descriptions which easily transform it into vivid images in the mind. The book flows quickly in a simple style of writing but never boring, with great descriptions.

Getting attached to the characters of a book is something quite normal, even if you know that it is pure fiction but falling in love with them, to absorb every emotion on their skin when the book ends that leaves you with an empty feeling, well, that's not exactly normal.

The book is, finally, a structured novel set with great accuracy, adventure, action and plot twists. Nothing is taken for granted in the plot flowing fluid to the end and in the characters that give thickness and body to the narrated story. I recommend it to those who love the genre, because it is a pleasant and intriguing reading from the first page.

ISBN-13: 978-8129137524 • Binding: Paperback • Published: December 2015 • Publisher: Rupa Publications • Pages: 280 • Language: English