Book Review: Pimp - Shashank Gupta

Pimp by Shashank Gupta is a fluid, elegant, fresh tale quivering with life, full of credible characters in a plot rich in events without being tangled and also having credible and rich descriptions that looks just like we imagine it and did in fact still has to be.

The story unfolds without tearing or nodes, with Uncle, our sixty year old craggy central character who struggle alone to build his life but come back with a thriving brothel at his dead father’s house and there begins a hunt for the eventual gratification as he dives into the shadows exploring the misdemeanour of the flesh, dictated by the fiend from a far-flung long-ago of a stepmother he loved to destruction.

She is the lone passion, the solitary outline of affection and adore in Uncles otherwise cold heart. It is she who educated him the worth, as she saw it, of worldly existence and individual sacrifice. His mind is intricate hitherto uncomplicated in its wishes, quiescent on sinister scorn and capriciousness that compels one to delight in each phrase as he floats treacherously in and out of truth and thoughts, not knowing where one ends and the other begins.

Until the end the book keeps the reader hanging on the slender thread of truth one after another with a gallery of characters, described masterfully especially in their expressions of deep humanity, that will take shape by composing a fascinating picture in which the ghosts of the past will become real and current dangers, the passions, once again, will be the key to understanding the narrative and also the character of Uncle, who with the passions, sooner or later, must come to terms.

The brothel created by Uncle is not just a shelter, and is not a world where he has shut himself forever, but is a foothold from which to draw strength and will to live. It is not a point of arrival or stagnation, but it is a departure station to build also what does not yet exist. Despite its melancholy the author expresses himself in favour of this character, a disillusioned hero but absolutely authentic in the reasons for its existence. A man that you recognize as true and that is not easy to forget.

Surely this is not a load of suspense thriller, urgent and full of mystery but it has its own reason, and it is rather a novel cantered on the protagonist and when few other actors peep, all focused in describing a small gash the life of the protagonist, his loneliness of being a middle-aged man, his aspirations, his regrets, his insomnia, his memories of the love.

Everything is told in a gentle way even if it talks of a reality that is dirty, in which you are injured and in which we must necessarily be healed to move forward. For this is not a fairy tale, but it can be a life-long dream, because dreams come true, just that there is a room where you keep them safe, protecting them not to forget them.

It is a novel that speaks of suffering, of friendship, love, hope, where there is no shortage with cynical and bare characters immersed in a Cajun that adds colour and fragrance to the story. Uncle is one of those characters who is able to get out of the pages and become real at the reader, those that after the word "fine" continue to move around forcing you to delay the start of a new book to keep them in memory for sometime.

This is a story based on feelings, and that it is not a mystery novel and is about the basic decisions you make in life of the direction you want to give to your existence to escape the fate you can, if you retain hope. The author writes a novel based on the power of desires.  Needless to mention the style of the author is smooth, clear, compelling, with short chapters that urge you to read more and more.

The characters that revolve around the protagonist are human and at the same time distant from the stereotype that their role embodies. And then there are the other characters very well characterized, leaving an indelible memory on the reader. The story is populated by characters perfectly orchestrated around Uncle, who stands over them as the image of a man determined, but not less dreamy.

This book teaches that the fears must be fought, and that once subjugated is a microcosm in our image and likeness, where you can also go out and fly. The setting is provided right down to the smallest detail by the author who gives us a fresco of a man full of contradictions, divided sharply in his mind.

This is a novel that pays homage to the books, the real ones, the ones that teach to live and build a better life. The writer shows that you can write a novel, relaxing, enjoyable and fun even with ingredients like the calm and slowness of a man who lived at the end of the reading seems more like an old friend met at the bar than a brothel.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: India Research Press  ♥ Pages: 292 ♥ Published: October 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8183861304