Book Review: Letters to Her - Ketan Kalantri

Letters to Her by Ketan Kalantri is not only a pleasant and engaging book, but also boast a love sometimes unbearable and at times indispensable, a love that burns and a love that throws you in the snow.

Karan, an extremely reticent and a run of the mill chap, falls in love with a virtuous pretty Ziya, who becomes an encouragement in his existence, as he discovers the writer in himself. Karan writes letters based on his fragmented existence and his experiences with Ziya, and he sends each of these letters to her after he completes writing it.

Karan loves Ziya as a lover, or rather, like a husband, who sees the adolescent beauty of his wife, beauty that never came to maturity, now fading inexorably with the book close with a deep reflection on life, about the meaning of our existence, about human fragility, importance true friendship and freedom, a luxury that should always be given to those we love.

The word love is the fire that burns in every page of the beautiful and touching book as Ziya is the engine that gives meaning to Karan’s life and from whom he draws strength everyday to be a better man, for himself and his relations because love is the most powerful action that is there.

The book is a emotions of experiences between the longed-ink, concise sentences where a woman at the centre of a man's world, between the oblivion of stifled love, embody the metamorphosis of the skin for an ego on the run, but a prisoner of his own consistency with lines that overlap portraits and paintings of love and one key access in there is the poignant and indelible spirit lived in the book through love letters.

While in the breathless nights and her desire for instinctive silence flows another letter. The book with clear and smooth literary expression is a dedication that besides the gift of existence, gives up the exaltation of love as an essential source of faded colours where everything resumes essence among the tired souls of matter itself.

The very clear and comprehensive love letters in this collection seduces, fascinates, engages the senses and the soul with a unbridled burning love gushing from the bottom of Karan’s heart, who is a little moody and strong but his mind suggest the existence of love, his quick but deep thoughts. The author manages to create an emotion that goes straight to the reader.

The words in the book bare and disguise herself in the shoes of Karan as if his words reflect his inner conflict, his fears that seems to retrace according to different traces his life and his inexorable destiny. The writer seems to address, as in a carefully drafted line-up, different arguments under macroscopic paragraphs.

Karan seems upset, and seems to tell his story more to himself than to his lover with deep feeling, because of its fragility and weakness does not allow it and tends to make a portrait of himself not indifferent as if one morning he awake and decide to confess everything to his lover about himself and the other.

An illuminating written book, you can all try a little more often bring out the Karan in us because these letters are letters of life that, as an instant flashback starts from zero and ends with the life of the moment, of the moment itself. I would definitely recommend it, perhaps because of its raw sincerity or its accessible style and is suitable for everyone.

The book is intimate, touching and deeply moving with a quick read put on paper life memories, images that enrich and deepen to the point turmoil and fears, thanks to long sentences punctuated by uncertainty.

The strength of the author is in his extraordinary expressive clarity and the way is opened and one can see a glimmer of darkness and brightness at the same time, chill and warmth, confused feelings that tend to be predominated by positive value, but that does not just keep having but behind him a shadow of darkness.

The story can be read in one breath with the perfectly clear prose continues to dig deeper into the soul of the protagonist, in this case a man overwhelmed by the passion. The book transmits all the passion and especially the pain in the protagonists with delicate words that describes the yearning passion, indeed a true obsessive love of a man.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 218 ♥ Published: April 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352015870