Book Review: A Country Girl - Jeanne Ainslie

A Country Girl by Jeanne Ainslie is the high rate simple erotic story of a country young woman, and her sexual arousing from her initial teenage love affair to the careless encounters of later years that threatened her virtuousness intertwined in an inseparable tangle and recounts from the voice of the character what it means to be a submissive.

Angela is an independent, intelligent, witty and successful woman with an effervescent sexuality and fervent ecstasy for living. She could be the girl next door. But Angela is also a subject as in the bedroom she likes to leave her freedom and her power in the hands of men for the sheer pleasure of both.

From the first spanking to the realization that even the most severe punishment the cause delight, the star guides us in a direct and naked along the road that is following who starts to always push a little further away from her limits. As she becomes more engaging, bolder, Angela begins to wonder where all this will lead, whether it will be possible to combine her sexuality with everyday life and especially if really the perfect man can also be there.

Angela does not chase any scandal, and I have not found grandstanding nor shocking scenes placed there, with descriptions, the attitudes, the terms used, the situations that are created are part of a gradual process, from simple curiosity of Angela from her early years until the years of true awareness, and up to meetings with people equally aware of their own desires and their own entertainment.

The book narrates a lucid, ruthless story of a happy woman surrounded by men and equally satisfied women. Angela takes us into her world of desire that exceeds the limit, beyond the fine line that drives us to say this can be done and that I could not. But so you do not run the risk of putting their own instead a limit to desire itself.

Angela, lead us in the delicate amber-coloured romantic lagoon through her stories in her imaginative erotic world, who experience carnal satisfactions as her nights are illuminated by hot dreams and days of torment to meet the elusive guys. Angela realizes that there is some kind of dark secret that surrounds the man, but, despite everything, get to experience strong feelings. In the end, Angela is happy only when combining the pleasure to pain, never without this particular combination. And is not this the same pleasure that imposes a limit?

The plot of the book is linked to the events of Angela, who is revealed to be a lively girl, smart, rebellious, with conquest of dreams with her exciting night escapades, her irreverence, audacity, and her being against rules and respectable habits of decorum, with reminiscences of the past and fantasies about the future.

A nice book and a very light reading with a brisk pace that can be read in a day, this gripping novel captivates the heart of the reader from the first pages with an eroticism that sometimes crosses the threshold of sexual normalcy. This delightful novel is worthy of attention that is exciting and intriguing pages of romantic, erotic, fanciful seasoned adventures.

It is a bit raw with truthful certain scenes and a bit vulgar at times but for this kind of experiences you do not need so much style but have to be practical and go hard. I not recommend it to people who do not like erotic readings.

The author writes in a fluid and elegant manner, without any false hypocrisy with good flowing narrative intertwining everyday life, opinions, considerations and of course attitudes, where the interpreter seems to look through the men who attended, someone and something that gives way to an attitude that is not so hidden in many women or even men.

The author has a good pen, agile, not redundant who appreciates the intimate sense of the sexual act both physically and psychologically. The book is realistic, and here there is no single prince charming, rich, beautiful and perfect, but there are instead normal dominant beings, one with whom you can not only play console games but also go out in the evening, a friend with whom you can have fun and feel good.

A light and perfect book to be read after a long day at work, or one on the train or in the park and I think that the author has succeeded in explaining the concept that if you are free in your sexuality you're not a pervert and do well and I totally accept it.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Xlibris  ♥ Pages: 244 ♥ Published: August 2008 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1436331791