The Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli

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Come fly with Peter to the island that is not there. No, no Peter do not go. Oh no, I had again lost in my imagination and I am still dreaming of him. And if I could revive Peter, how many things I would do with him! Peter Pan has always been for us guys, the desire to move forward without fear of the obstacles of life. I chose this character because nowadays we are afraid as boys to grow up and become big, to tackle the problems of life. I'd like to fly with him, discovering new things and face my fears.

However, I would love to return to childhood when everything was a game, when I could observe all using the imagination, when my greatest wish was to be able to fly and do things that my favourite cartoons did.

Oh yes. I know that I have a lot of childhood nostalgia but there is not even a single person who would not want to be a child again. In each of us, even in adults, is hiding a playful child, full of joy and great imagination, ready everyday to relive those great emotions, through our children. I promise Peter, one day we can find the child hiding in everyone!

Now it's all morning that I hum this song. It's the tune from Jungle Book sung by one of the characters, Baloo. Ah, if I could pull him out of the book, it would be great. Maybe today he is not very popular, but it does not matter. Surely Baloo, my best friend is the most endearing bear, who taught me many things, which still put into practice, try to make the world a little better than how I found it.

In the figure of the mighty bear, which then occurred to have a noble soul and a heart too good, I saw in him again my father, very important to me, who will remain a milestone in my life, as I always take him as an example. The thing that made me smile more, the thing that softened me and still I like is the fact that the "Beast" gave Mowgli such a father's love, so genuine, so spontaneous that it softened me to such an extent, as to make tears roll from my eyes, and I saw everything with the eyes of a little boy that melted away my heart like melted butter.

In those moments the little child in me used to get lost in the jungle and had to be rescued by my father. You cannot even imagine the light in my eyes that shone as one of the most sparkling diamonds and emotion in my heart, which was beating with the speed of a thousand horses, when my father stepped through the door of the house after a day of work, and I found myself with my "papa bear" to live another day full of emotions and love in the jungle of life.

Surely everyone has to learn from this animal, because he is a bit part of us who is always ready to help the people he cares about, and anytime he is prepared to roll up his sleeves to help everyone, sometimes in exchange of a few smiles and we should therefore all be more humble.

But now to think of it, unfortunately, he is not real, but to be honest, I don’t want to loose this book and basically I already have a person dear to me beside that protect me. I can still, however, with my imagination fly on the wings of a dream, and now face the adventures of life problems that fate has in for me, following the teachings of my old papa bear.

If I had the power, I would bring back Baloo, who would help us in our daily lives, and to address all the problems that plague our society. I wish that next to me there was Baloo, even if it seems stupid as it would be very useful in the times in which we live. With his wisdom and his skill it would help us to reduce the problems that we have today.