Book Review: You Raise Me Up - Arjun Hemmady

You Raise Me Up by Arjun Hemmady is a touching and intense novel as only the love can be, to deprive you of the desire to do anything that would prevent you from being glued to the pages and is a book that will surprise, conquer and awaken in you all kinds of emotions, from joy to fear, from the candid love to passion.

Aalok Sharma, a 27-year-old, chartered accountant, has never experienced true love. But when on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai he meets the bubbly and gorgeous Priyanka Mehra, very different from the classic girl you would expect, he is at once ensnared and they are right away fascinated to each other, though fully opposite in nature.

Nevertheless, something is holding Aalok back as there is something about him that brings back what she had pushed into the depths of his soul, the memory of a painful past of Aalok that comes back to upset them. Although he is determined to stay away from it, the way his past is able to touch the strings of his heart, strings that nobody can even touch, bring down his defences.

And, in a sense, it is what has happened, until their fateful meeting. Since that time something sublime happens in the book and also in the heart of the reader the hope rises again. But it does not in the most obvious imaginable way, or through an idyllic and pure love, but through the burning pain, the most inconvenient truths, and the most difficult challenges to overcome.

Their relationship becomes more and more intense, but Aalok also hides a secret, which once revealed will change the lives of both of them. Only bravely facing the truth, without giving up the love and trust they feel for each other, Aalok and Priyanka can hope to heal their emotional wounds and live their relationship to the full.

Aalok and Priyanka bind in a delightfully unusual relationship, and as they learn to enjoy the pleasure of the first times, they realize that their relationship could have very deep roots, anchored in a painful past of Aalok, a past that none of the two would ever want to remember, but which refuses to stay away.

I cannot tell you what happens in the book to not take away all the pleasure of discovering for you the various twists that the writer has scattered inside. The genius of how every single detail of the plot can take place in the grand finale that the author has created, is disarming. The book is not a simple story of love, maybe just a little spicier than usual and, instead, this stock book is much, much more.

The writer is really a genius with strong narrative skills who with his pen will play with your heart filling it with overwhelming feelings and creating a sweet and dramatic story that will touch your soul.

The book enchants and upsets and is a strong novel in every respect with strong characters, to whom it is impossible not to become attached, and is strong its plot, which conceals twists and transmits very strong emotions and is recommend to anyone looking for a love story that not only leaves its mark, but also a story of life, despair and newfound hope.

If you are twisting the nose because you imagine that the book is the classic story of love at first sight and hearts, you are wrong. It’s true, the two are immediately attracted to each other, but what comes out is not an idyllic love story, but a book over the top made of emotional shocks, lies and mysteries.

It can be said that the book is divided into two halves. The first is more carefree, sensual, alluring punctuated by witty dialogues between the various primary and secondary witty and adorable characters. The first part is still full of excitement, albeit more frivolous. The book is quite mature, so the sensuality is very present, but fear not of vulgarity whatsoever because there are none at all.

The author manages to push the characters to their limit and sometimes beyond it, without ever falling in squalid descriptions that leave a bitter taste. On the contrary even the sensual scenes, are characterized by a unique class that does make you hold your breath and heart beat faster.

The second half, however, is more like a runaway train. Given the tenor and carefree narrative of the first part, we can never expect what the author has given to the two protagonists. The revelation about the past of Aalok is devastating and completely changes the course of the book.

And it is precisely at that moment, when everything is falling apart, that Aalok and Priyanka prove stronger than you would think. The maturity and strength of mind with which the characters face their destinies, push the story to the next level.

This is not a simple book of love, but a mix of mystery, suspense and in short, something that is very different from the classic new adult stories that we usually find on the shelves lately as the author has the rare ability to be able to transpose in the pages of the book the raw power and emotions that it contains to dive headlong into a story that does not just pass on the skin like water, but scratch your armour and leaves a mark.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 364 ♥ Published: September 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352013883