Book Review: - Vishal Bhatia by Vishal Bhatia is a book designed for those who love sports and beyond with a book to look over, to step into the story through sport with a narrative that tastes of life, that retrace the life of the protagonist, a strong man who refuses to bow his heads in front of challenges and that, by doing so, the field can give a great life lesson for those in him would never bet.

Jangsher Singh, a top junior tennis player, meets with the darling of his early life on one smoggy day outside his familial hamlet in India but then he is trapped in the middle of a warm instant by her extremely old minded brothers, and the circumstances turns gory and he will certainly not again be the same.

A number of years afterwards, a scarred Jangsher emerges in Melbourne at a Grand Slam, a rookie wildcard at the top of his game to endure the furious gamesmanship of Hierro, the best southpaw yet to have played tennis. His competition record will decide the destiny of two inept ersatz geeks from Sydney - Yug and his tobacco chewing cousin, Aman, who can't seem to catch a break.

The car they hired for their weekend retreat, an Audi R8 called Flame, has fallen into the hands of a loutish crook, and now they must do whatever they can to get it back as Aman struggles to set up an official website for the Indian rookie in time to save himself from financial ruin and Jangsher fights to be triumphant against Hierro to finish up facing the great and widely adored Temujic, the reigning title holder.

The narrative describes the impossible that man has ever made possible. Those who have wisely limited to what appeared possible to have never advanced one step because Jangsher must dream the impossible. The only limit to ability of an athlete is the level of his desire, the motivation to do and to believe that that limit can be overcome and turned into a greater reality.

But often it is the illusion of omnipotence that fills the ego of a man to inflate his narcissism and do it plunging to the experience levels of self where the shipwrecked mind in diseases, in anxiety, and the body acquires a central role becoming unbalanced mindless object, nourished by substances produced by pathological narcissism with wings that melt in the sun of the presumption.

This book, in contrast, represents those wings that allow you to go up and reach levels of personal growth. It can be an experimental place where you learn to look for the value in the success of self with the book testify to the full, the total coincidence of the sport, with its laws written on waivers, the suffering, and the life lived with story of a man who have made use of his wings to achieve success and who have managed to combine the sport with the limits that life, in its daily unfolding imposes.

This book is full of surprises and upsets, and what you think of the characters is reversed, there are those who will redeem you, there are those who will bend but then rise again, there who will be permanently removed.

The protagonist here is in all its humanity and with all its imperfections and let's call these defects have made an absolutely realistic character. Not all face life head on but there are those who need a little time to process things before they face them in the way he sees fit.

The novel unfolds through effective portraits, snappy dialogue and a story that suddenly takes on the international intrigue connotations. But it is above all a beautiful story of friendship, where the two wheels nimbly climb over the skin, race and culture.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Quixotic Options  ♥ Pages: 337 ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352358106