Book Review: Con Kabir - Vinod Gairola

Con Kabir by Vinod Gairola is the parable of a con man, who does so with a novel intent in mind as he knows, the world is treacherous, deceptive and hide vortices and eddies beneath the surface with a book depicting the vast and tumultuous landscapes to the placid smoothness of the terrains of the human mind.

The plot builds on a raging con game being registered in the nation by Kabir, a secret service officer of the Indian government pretending sometimes as a tourist guide, sometimes a real estate agent, target primarily NRIs, who will make them deem he is an old buddy that they have not seen in years and get his hands on their wealth, who finally reveals that all of his cons were set up to save the life of a terrorist from Pakistan, Ali, who spent their childhood days in Australia.

The scams range from street cons, business cons, internet cons and a few home improvement cons with the twist in this con game happens when ACP Malik, the investigating police officer, gets prior strong proof about the subsequently designed break-in of that con man. On the other hand, he realises that all the clues seem to be coming just to him.

Similarly it is changeable, shifting and treacherous the protagonist of this novel, a confidant man who, under false and countless spoils, manages to win the trust of the rich NRIs and bring to the surface the submerged dark sides, the deepest and unspoken desires.

This thriller is full of addictive pathos, as to be a concentration of adrenaline gripping from first page to last. What is certain is that the writer was able to create a narrative thick of events, all significant and shocking. The main characters are humanized and shown to the player with not only the dark side of their characters, but also with the weaknesses present in them, who then appear normal in their peculiarities.

The most interesting aspect of the book, beyond the central story is the writer of the story who advances in the psychology of the characters, major or otherwise. Each one has a precise and decisive role with each one dragging behind not only their personality and values, but also their weaknesses and the dishonest ways.

The journey that the author stages proves so an allegorical path to multiple layers of the human mind, which can only end in the disguise, concealment, and the self-revelations with this strong novel, is clearly directed at the heart of our contemporary society, represented by a group of men, at least in appearance, with the best intentions in the world.

In this thriller, there's a lot of action and many sudden changes all told through a sliding writing, not concocted, though at times the plot is so full of twists to seem unreal, but it is still a novel. The book is an enjoyable thriller with a fast pace that keeps the reader hooked till the end.

The sublime prose and the ability to dig deep into the characters probe the limits of human nature and investigate the essence of evil, giving the reader an experience that touches enlightenment, the state of grace which any novel constantly aspire. I wonder if the writer or the publisher is not already thinking about a sequel with the same shrewd protagonist who has enthralled with his story in this novel.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 178 ♥ Published: March 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352015542