Book Review: Bhakti Sans Religion - Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Bhakti Sans Religion - Dilemmas in the Search of One's True Inner Self by Mallikarjun B. Mulimani is a really wonderful book, simple but incisive that is not just a book of knowledge, but also a manual to overcome our limitations and to better enjoy our lives, written in clear, discursive style that explains the pitfalls and suggests good exercises to become familiar with it and overcome them.

The basic theme of the book is the quest, the unconditional principle which is beyond all determination and quality, but from which everything emanates, and that is the foundation of everything. Such research is understood both as a theoretical knowledge of the Absolute, which as aimed at liberating experience.

The ultimate reality is made of a principled conscience that is the Brahman, the unmanifested Absolute. It is said that this principle is in all things, but it cannot be touched in any way by something that is more to it, because all that is not it has its illusory existence. It is imperishable, changeless, formless, full of bliss, without action, inclusive, without volition given to individual circumstances.

What supreme reality, the Brahman transcends every aspect of phenomena, yet it is the foundation of every created reality and includes everything and yet it is beyond everything.

The book suggests an idea about the soul here representing the becoming, or the chaotic current of thought, which man can escape, dissolving the ordinary identification with it, thus finding its centre. The human pain comes from the ignorance of this identity that can only be overcome through the right knowledge of Brahman.

The individual self is identical to the universal self thus excluding any dualism. As the air contained in the jug is not a transformation, or a part outside it, so the individual self is neither a transformation nor a part of the universal self. But the veil of maya, the phenomenal world leads to a false representation of the atman in higher intellect imagining the individual soul. It is the nature of pure consciousness and bliss that gives the individuality and intelligent nature that animates the world of matter rather than being a product.

This beautiful enlightening book has the advantage of being able to leave something in the reader, with great simplicity and humility that will help you to face your fears and overcome them, and will make you think a lot about conditioning our lives from our fears.

The authors with this text want to take the reader in the process of awareness and analysis of their own insecurities and fears through contact with their childish side or rather their inner child that often brings us to react in a short sound way. The reading is pleasant and informative that puts in front of really tough challenges with great skill and wisdom.

The author deals with this subject delicately, bringing you to understand your subconscious self and above all, to feel the fear as something absolutely natural to care and not as something to be fought.

Despite being written together in fact the narration is done by an author with very interesting ideas and highly recommended to give to sceptical and rational men in a book that can make you deeply understand how great and limiting our fears are as long as you do not admit it, and from there we can start a new path of awareness and deep joy.

A book that provides much food for thought, it illustrates the simple reality that unfortunately often escapes or we are unable to grasp.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 138 ♥ Published: February 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352015801