Book Review: Star Ride to Nirvana: Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Star Ride to Nirvana by Mallikarjun B. Mulimani encompass words of one who has attained enlightenment and show us how it is possible for everyone to go out from the pain, from the darkness of unconsciousness to become personally enlightened beings.

Can an ordinary man, with work and family responsibilities reach nirvana? Can a busy manager cultivate spirituality? The novel in question tells of a young man who decides to embark on a new way of knowledge through Karma Yoga, who immerses himself in the field of astronomy in order to disentangle the secrets of the cosmos, the interrelationship among physics and metaphysics, and thereby attain Nirvana or enlightenment.

In fact it is a long way within, in which test a little all that can be caught in the path of a life. From mystical to carnal pleasure, but also cerebral love, young age, by adopting ways and purposes then maybe reveal dissatisfaction or at least a lack of total satisfaction.

Every encounter, every experience is a test case, a comparison with self from which to draw lessons, and, if only in appearance are positive events aimed at this function, you will understand that even the negative ones become part of that great personal wealth that is experience.

The author in telling this metaphor which basically wants to tell us that you need to know the world around us and, especially, our inner nature through a material and spiritual path that leads to the discovery of ourselves. Within us there is nothing all good or all bad, there is latent sin, the result of a mistake from which to learn, but in the end, as long as you willing to really live, there are many possibilities for each man to find an inner peace that is not just in appearance, but deeply rooted.

All this can and should be done only by means of knowledge, of the doubt, which must be a constant, and experience, all of which enrich giving the certainty of having lived.
The book is therefore undoubtedly of great interest, and in this philosophical inquiry it has its actual value.

However, precisely because it is a philosophical discourse, it is inevitable to dwell often on the lines, and then the complication in exposure is less annoying and speaks of the many roads that lead to self-fulfillment, the need to overcome the emotions to develop awareness.

The book guides the reader on the path that leads to true liberation and offers important advice on everyday issues on how to transform anxiety and depression into happiness. This book offers us useful tips to be able to achieve happiness even in the chaotic life of every day. Even if we are busy, full of commitments and distracted from the mundane, nothing prevents you to follow a path of liberation and practice spirituality.

This novel will give you the chance to live a life free from all dogma trying to unravel the mystery that each person is in the harmony of the universe because only by overcoming their own individuality and understanding of the perfect unity is all the serenity born.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 101 ♥ Published: January 2016 ♥ Language: English