Book Review: Pandora's Box: Tushar Sen

Pandora's Box by Tushar Sen is an assortment of tales that have woven reality and creative writing in concert to dish up to the person who reads petrifying narratives and jaw dropping climaxes with most of the stories are stirred by real life incidents and characters.

From Saddam Hussein's CIA link, the secret militia of the Indian prime minister, Hitler’s main mass slayer, strangest rains where frogs fell from the sky, radical support in Columbia, NASA's contentious moon landings and so on, some stories are encouraged by characters around you who tap your lives in so many ways yet go without being seen.

The book is smooth and with a good construction, has the ability to make characters almost tangible. Their characterization is described with funny irony. The protagonists at the centre of paradoxical events seeds grotesque, who find themselves in the inevitable confrontation, the distinctive peculiarities of antithetical conceptions of understanding the existence, measuring unbridgeable distances requiring a reorganization and conscious acknowledgment of their relationship with life and being.

An exciting book, well structured and well written, it is a great read that leaves nothing to chance from the characterization of the characters, the multiplication of points of view and the timely and distinctive use of different events. You will love the idea of the combination of idiosyncratic identities and the events that push to the extreme because it never existed and a balance proves for what it is an uncomfortable compromise.

With excellent evolution of the heroes, which cannot be limited to a fleeting moment of transgression but is the affirmation of values you will love the characters and appreciate their inner world, the infallible syllogism, the factual sweetness of a key to the world so different from banality.

This book is a game of juxtapositions and balance, musicality and language which is vivid, effective, rhythmic, that grabs you and is already a beautiful book, and has everything it takes to become a perfect book, with a simple re-reading where in this semantic maze, different insights emerge.

Nice and smooth this novel with lots of plot twists, it raise awareness and understanding of the meaning of their lives, with the novel will have a strong impact on the reader that gets trapped in the curiosity to know how it will end that is very ironic, funny, moving and well written.

Very original and well written the author is really great to involve the reader in the story, with his modern, flowing style and his ability to make "live" characters who emerge from the pages, carved with shrewd insights with a brilliant and relentless style and a solid structure and well blended narrative.

Pleasant and ironic, the author shows off a mastery and a sagacity in the narrative without losing the freshness of the neophyte, in a relaxed pace of the plot developments, with skill and naturalness that leads the events smoothly, suitable for the events and appropriate to a personal and ironic style.

With substantial evidence of authorship, meaningful work, the book gives the impression of having been written straight and with extreme ease, and a feeling that confirms authorial prowess and talent with a certainly original and well thought out structure of the novel, in a smooth narrative in vividly realistic style.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 165 ♥ Published: August 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384027933