Book Review: My Dream Man - Aditi Bose

My Dream Man by Aditi Bose tell a story of a girl too young to understand the pain of living on a journey that will take her away from herself, where the young protagonist will go ahead despite the doubts and fears, and the fear of failure, proving others to believe deeply in what she pursues to the encouragement to always pursue dreams and keep hope alive by fighting the monsters such as inner fear, bewilderment, distrust, to overcome them thus becoming a master of her own life.

Ajopa Ganguly, from the soul a pure maiden is a girl in her twenties who lives with her parents in Delhi. Her life is all right apart from for one small predicament that she is a struggling writer whom all the publishers have rejected. This is when Aniket Verma a professor of economics who is familiar in his circle re-enters her existence who was also Ajopa's tuition teacher once.

Despite their twelve years age gap, with time, they fashion a unique union of camaraderie till a mix-up happened five years back and now when Aniket is back, it feels just like old times. With a test of concluding a new script in record time and a pledge that he will help her to get it in print if she does, he asks her to get together with him at the publisher's office two days later.

Ajopa being a pure girl manages to turn every pain into joy and the flower of life and this act was born the true love only to learn in the bottom of her heart that art of alchemy that can transform the pain in precious gem, the penalty in joy and gratitude, evil into good and can succeed only who knows how to love!

Like in fairy tales the journey of Ajopa is a metaphor, and is the inner search of ourselves where only a person of pure heart may be able to see beyond which is often veiled and you do not see anything in your heart, which like a thick fog blinds you and makes it dry and lifeless everything around you but there is magic in real life, if only we could hear the call of our souls.

Pretty, smooth, undoubtedly romantic and passionate, with a touch of eroticism that is not bad, the book is a light reading ideal for not only summer days but for a break of challenging readings even during the other seasons of the year. Although short, the writer in such a small space has been able to give us an intense story full of emotions that appeal to you and makes you easily passionate.

The author captivates the reader with her concrete but palpable writing, that drags within the heart of a woman who has suffered and found at alternate times the strength to go on. To Ajopa may be the universe of any modern woman, in her twenties who suddenly finds herself alone, but in the end, is rewarded by destiny.

A story where the primary thing that is emphasized is to have self-confidence, read it, especially if you are romantic and you love subtle eroticism with a message to not forget the dreams, the most beautiful that we did and whether it will come true or not, that's another thing and to never lose confidence in yourself and not let anyone rob you of the most beautiful dreams.

This is an engaging, delicate and compelling novel, overflowing with hope and is a sweet fairy tale, very poetic that caresses your heart with a handful of words, written with the same lightness of a feather alighting on the soul that lead us by the arm in a wet green grass with dew in a spring morning that for a few minutes take us away from the hectic pace of our daily lives, from the weather that weigh on the heart that dig down deep, that plumb the inner life, which take away the rust settled in the spirit, in that spirit that too often today we forget, as we are swallowed by materiality, from disappointments, the inability to be able to see with the eyes of the heart because they are too clouded by the fog of a society that has lost sight of dreams, desires, and purity.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 203 ♥ Publisher: Authors' Ink Publications ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9385137303