Book Review: 63 Rejections - Kaushik Mudda

63 Rejections by Kaushik Mudda aims to guide the understanding of the dynamics of innovation and caters to the frame of mind one requires to begin any sort of venture with the materialization of an entrepreneurial culture. The book paints a portrait for engineering graduates, who are looking to undertaking into fields apart from coding, and about the difficulties that they will face is intended for a demographic catering to all ages and professions at a time when the startup culture is abundant and defines a new pop culture.

The majority of new businesses seem inevitably doomed to failure. The causes are many from market instability to the errors of assessment of the promoters, but many failures can be prevented. When markets are in turmoil, the one who can combine a rigorous method with a strong creativity can not only survive but also thrive. The book offers a set of powerful tools simple to understand, and presents in detail the practical technical and powerful tools used by the author to create a startup.

The book describes the authors’ journey in setting up an independent and bootstrapped business enterprise, Ethereal Machines and speaks of the overwrought, anxious, as well as gloomy moments in setting up the startup and also speaks about the limitless joys one experiences after breaking even and setting up a sustainable enterprise, and the fresh challenges that show up at their approach.

Deepening the common sense, templates, and processes distinctive of the social scheme investment, the volume provides the various operators, from foundations to institutional investors, the practical tools to juggle around with their intercession strategies or branch out their investments.

The author successfully highlights his project, who, thanks to the deep experience in the field, has collected in this volume, techniques and best practices, giving you a particularly convenient and efficient cutting.

The volume opens with an introduction and then jump right into the heart with the venture the author undertakes. Without indulging too much on theoretical contents, the author stuffing chapters of his experience, and advice both methodological and practical, offering concrete suggestions offering a vision of three hundred and sixty degrees on the unique aspects of his project.

In short, a nice trip, short but intense, inside and outside of us, to find that the problems most often depend on how we look at things and the solution on our ability to think differently and to address them methodically. The book is a practical and effective manual to inspire those who have to create or innovate a business model.

The book is characterized by an integrated structure, visually very effective and easy to consult aimed at adapting step by step the product to the desires of customers, while controlling the financial outlays with benefits like more innovation, less expense and loss of time and greater chances of success.

This is a book for new entrepreneurs and innovators who want to light off and test their vision through continuous interaction with the environment and the market with a guide for those who want to go it alone and create a successful business from scratch.

The realization of a new business whatever its size cannot be done by navigating only but you must have a route and a compass to help the aspiring entrepreneur to follow it in the best way. This book is aimed at those, young and not so young, men and women who decide to build their own business, their own company.

It provides a lot of information to initiate development and bring to success the business idea, without neglecting any problem that accompanies the realization of a business plan.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 116 ♥ Published: January 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352015726