Book Review: Write or Wrong: Ajit Kumar Jha

Write or Wrong by Ajit Kumar Jha is a book with a reality rebuilt specifically to manipulate the soul of an entire society, transforming individuals into stupid fanatics of an ideology devoid of ethical values as we become people without a real identity as we no longer know what we want and what goal to pursue and let dream sellers give elusive suggestions of how to nurture aspirations, annihilate worries and enthusiasms unknowingly swapping the meaning of career with momentary pleasures.

The publishing world is changing rapidly today, when everyone is a writer and reader alike, and getting published can be a cakewalk with the eccentric and quirky protagonist shares his adventures from meeting up with a crazy astrologer to getting connected with unseen and unknown remote fly-by-night employers through the Internet to working under stern publishers who dealt with his staff like military commanders.

The truth is only in our experience, as long as we are mentally flexible and willing to take note of the information coming from the context in which we live and the experiences that gradually gives us the daily life. All too often, for fear of confronting the facts of life, we seek refuge in false beliefs, sometimes dogmatic nature, at others simple superstition or prejudice.

In other words, to contrast that vision and defeatist according to which nothing more can be and who becomes the victim of nihilism, actually try to avoid the challenge of living in the fear (conscious or unconscious) to confront sooner or later, with the possibility to review their initial choices, giving up the realization of personal projects and guaranteed: in this way the frustration and disappointment take over on hope and planning.

The heaviness replaces the joy of living and, like oil on the wings of seagulls finished in a polluted ocean, pessimism ends up hindering the flight, forcing us to an everyday boring monotony, without stimuli. In an increasingly apathetic world, in which the technique replaces the relationship, even our life experience seems reduced to commercial cans, like meat and vegetables we eat, since the appetite seems driven by advertising before the feeling of hunger.

The book is an original diegetic level game with a common thread that guides and encourages the reader to continue reading that appears well developed and captivating with a unique approach and definitely lighter and slightly fictionalized in the world sometimes with a little bit of philosophy.

The author aims to enrich the reader with philosophical notes, through a story almost fairytale in some ways that manages to drop the players into the characters and story, but manages especially to draw a precise pattern, writing accurately and using examples of common life to explain the issues more difficult to understand which are scattered in the book.

For the most part the narrative is a personal nature that no general, but we are faced with a novel that is not intended to teach something, but rather in telling something, which succeeds very well. The text is not pretentious and certainly the plot may be heavy in some parts but the continuous deadlifts ranging from the teachings to life everyday succeed well in order to lighten the lessons on various currents of publishing industry.

However, despite talking about important issues, the book is narrated simply, with a fluid style that drags you into reading and it is difficult to put it down till you finish with an assortment of emotions, anxiety, fear, resignation, sadness and disbelief. Yes, because it is not an easy novel. There is happiness and also that thread of hope that seems for a moment to light the plot.

It is a novel that reads easily but also with due attention to every single detail with a narrative that makes you think and that can also be compared to our reality extended to control thought or to individual intentions through the persecution of a thought police in mere emotional ambitions of each of us.

Just in that hope, the book sometimes with utopian flavor fits the meaning of life with an optimistic view of human nature and the entire universe, which is metaphorical expression in the last crutch launched on the front against the enemy, not so much in a vain attempt to hit him, as in the full knowledge to communicate to the whole world.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 242 ♥ Published: 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 9789352015481