Book Review: Blind Man's Lantern: T. Wignesan

Blind Man's Lantern: Poems that lash out, mock and rip into the dark, by T. Wignesan is a huge collection of poems and aphorisms by the author as well as translations from other notable poets that lead the reader to proceed to his inner and physical journey with a unique sensibility that manages to share with the reader his intense reflections on many social and personal topics.

There is, in surprises and contradictions with hope and intense sunlight, and in its opposite the darkness that is feeling mournful and detachment, with a presence that is denied, that touch with the soul finger with words that attempt to retain light and effuse prisms that finds maximum color expression in the triumph of the melancholic accents.

And certain nostalgia that the memory power of attorney is that expression of the concept of deprivation, that brings to mind the color of hope, drenched by bitterness and dismay, illuminated by very intense oblique light. And from time to time, as a precious gift, the parsimonious verses seem to collide with the inner voices, where dissolves the expectations of life.

The author remains physical and knows the difference between the spin-off points, the sharp boundaries, as well as conjunctions that, in their singularity, walk more towards the wonder than by the rule that captures epiphanies of the time, including mode and eternal returns.

The author is perfectly aware that to meet his mystery, in the realms of nature, has to seek out and dig, dive and imagine, move away from the common path and unravel different cultures, people with different approaches to life and experiencing mixed and intense feelings.

There are many topics covered in the aphorisms, but above all through the words we understand the value of ideas and culture when used to make a positive revolution that will lead to growth. What makes it different from others books is the search for a different perspective, a vantage point that is both inside and outside, made with a sharp eye and free of prejudice.

This book of poems is an incentive to confront yourself, to internalize the author's words and be fascinated by the beauty, through simple but intense words, a little more about the world, about the people who inhabit it and cultures.

With a disarming simplicity, the author explains, without any presumption, but only with the desire to tell, what it means to exist. Feelings, values, pain and thoughts of various kinds alternate in the book with phrases, stories and aphorisms paint the world as it is in the eyes of the author and as well as in some cases appears to him. Every word gives off the sense of connection that the writer has with life.

Memories are the central theme of the book, the figure required in the daily life of every person and essential for the heart of every child. Through the words of the author you get lost to find the road that leads into his soul. With ease the writer manages to creep into the mind of the reader, who may want to read the book even opening the book at random and choosing phrases. This work can be read in many ways and to find many interesting ideas.

There is passion in every word, as the next moment you will find that the way to tell is always different and gives us a new perspective and is an exaltation of the beauty of life and an invitation to take every detail and nuance not to lose what fantastic there as looking through the past we understand life but looking at the horizon, you live it.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 887 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: November 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536470