Book Review: All About You: Nikita Dudani and Puneet Aggarwal

All About You by Nikita Dudani and Dr. Puneet Aggarwal compiles transitory stories around the most intricate yet indispensable element of existence of relationships to bring out the preeminent and the most terrible moment of relations and attempt to introspect it on a deeper echelon.

This new book while dealing with an old argument as humanity that is it impossible to understand relationships has certain characteristics especially the beautiful style that make it appetizing. The relationships are sometimes real and sometimes exists only in the head, which it seems is mainly dependent on communication.

Three stories intertwine in this albeit brief work with the main concerns in relationships, therefore careless and irreverent, unable to comply with the rules of common life. The stories eventually give a certain connotation to the relationships. The authors are careful to tell about relationships that do not understand fully, without forgetting the likely point of view of the main problem of misunderstanding.

It happens to come across books so intense, to deprive you of the desire to do anything that would prevent you from being glued to their pages. Books that surprise you know, conquer and awaken in you all kinds of emotions, from joy to terror, from the candid love to passion. This is that kind of book.

This book will fill your heart with overwhelming feelings by creating sweet and dramatic stories that will touch your soul. It is a strong novel in every respect. There are strong characters, to which it is impossible not to become attached. It is strong in its plot, which conceals twists and really fantastic is the strong narrative skills.

The authors enchants and upsets and transmits very strong emotions and is recommended to anyone looking for a stories on relationships that leaves its mark, but also a story of life, despair and newfound hope. the genre is the only one who can move between the various sub-genres of literature without ever losing its identity.

The result is an incredible variety of situations and stories, as always characterized by heterogeneity of content and styles. In a pink landscape, there emerges stories from the heart, but always need the gentle hand to find their own way. Different stories, different ages, rich shades of feelings and ways of being that are born in the purity of a child and are completed in adult maturity.

Emotions, emotion, smiles; the mind of the reader will travel in the memories, which will walk in this and perhaps will imagine a future, always full of bliss. The authors strive to bring us to this path of joy and obstacles. The novel actually highlights how the pursuit of happiness passes always from the innate need that we have to live with the other half of us.

There is no final truth in this collection of short stories and fortunately there is no wise advice or inapplicable theories, but only questions that each one, in their heart, can give the answers. A really nice book to read and recommended to those who want to smile reflecting on the relationships in their lives and how happiness is always at hand, if only we are willing to take that small step to reach it.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 85 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: January 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536654