Book Review: The Secretive Six: Saurabh Mathur

The Secretive Six by Saurabh Mathur show a good knowledge of the investigation system describing the details that probably have drawn a lot from reality and proceeds in a crescendo as it goes from what looks like a normal crime novel, to a more complicated plot very similar to reality.

CBI agent, Kartik Mathur is out to probe the apparently natural death of an IIT professor, Akhil Kumar, who died in his sleep owing to a heart-attack, which his chief and CBI Director, Bhushan Kumar claimed to be a murder. Linking the connections that started six years earlier and solving the case further, along with his very talented team, Kartik comes across extremely disconcerting information.

The author has wanted to program an escalation of intrigue, with also information on the system in which we live, reading the symbolism, references, metaphors, and you may already find many more interesting things. The highlight is definitely the end of the novel.

The fantasy, the complexity and severity of events is lower than the reality. It is a quite short novel and yet the author manages to enclose a space in so short a masterpiece. The writing is fluid and although rich in detail, does not confuse the reader. This element certainly increases the appreciation for this novel. So even if someone does not like it, at least it reads faster!

The book is a pleasure in reading that leads the reader to devour the work and the thing that will leave you pleasantly surprised is that despite so many elements intertwined in the novel, the narrative is easy to understand with no particular lexical refinement and yet it would be impossible to not call it a great book.

The book is recommended to everyone, because the narrative makes you want to continue, that involves the reader passionately, trying to give you a view with which you can try to draw your own conclusions about the case. The plot is so intricate but simple at the same time that the end of the book leaves the reader in dismay with a style of absolute respect because the author plays with his characters disorienting them without hiding anything to the reader.

Knowledge of the novel must go from this title, because over time it has become the paradigm of each other, as the mystery is par excellence and when you get to the resolution of the mystery, the reason gets very clear in the mind of the reader. The enigma is the most classic with the crime in an open environment and the characters belong to all kinds and all social classes with the solution just inexplicable from an investigator who uses only the power of his intelligence.

The style is dry and pressing, the pace fast and engaging, and the plot doesn’t have any narrative flaw, as every clue, every detail is added on purpose to run the suspects, to create an idea and immediately destroy it coming to an end that gives an explanation for each question, making the impossible become possible and explainable.

The vocabulary is very rich and suitable to the characters that are outlined, with the amount of tightened dialogues, almost seamless descriptions of the places, the atmosphere, which create the rhythm that forces you to continue. The characters are characterized enough to be functional to the resolution of the case, where the investigator studied the reactions rather than emotions. This creates a fun game that ferries us until the inevitable end which remains the only possible explanation.

This is not a book but a journey that whisks you away until you arrive at the fateful last page where the events follow one another at a scorching pace and manage to surprise you every time, that manages to creep into your mind a different flow of the entire story. The story is fascinating, in an enclosed world that is gradually reeled suddenly to the last page, and as the book ends everything seems so clear and you and your journey ends

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 696 ♥ Published: November 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352013586