Book Review: Reflect: Vijaya Gowrisankar

Reflect by Vijaya Gowrisankar is an ephemeral poetry collection that describe in thought, in body, in words, in the same aesthetics, a philosophical view, now very rare, that tell the reflections that surround us, and it is clear that the author is troubled by the turn that is taking the world, in its vanity, which through globalization, the machines and the Internet, are getting rid of the beautiful.

India, the cradle of culture, art and poetry is obviously feeling the influence of the world and new generations are losing cultural identity and not only that but also the significance of the loss of meaning. Obviously poetry and poets today face the challenge of combining the modern world with ancient art.

The poems are in fact fleeting and tell of a world that perhaps is going towards self-destruction. The reflections have infected all, the body, time, life, emotions, words, destiny, space and war and finally even God and his conception. With poems rich in knowledge, every line has to be analyzed, understood and studied, as there are many ideas for research, reflection and meditation.

The poetries reflect time between evolutionary advances, where it predominates the sterility of the soul and everything seems to be changing towards futile hopes with real, concrete visions give way to inspiration of nihilistic semblance, with the poet dictate a message for the return of man, and the sanctity of lost values.

With sublime poems having wonderful and deep photographs of an endangered childhood, thwarted in a technological time from a world divided between extermination of abandonment and blindness dictated by pure careerism, the poetries flows, in perpetual motion of life hidden mortifying glances between the acrid smell of walls.

The poems are the cycle of life, through the seasons, with a philosophy of thought, and a hard truth. It is not always easy to get entangled in the web of emotions through noble but outdated art of poetry. It is not that easy in the silence of reading you can hear the subtle sound of disruptive words.

The poet leads the reader to the empathic sharing of her words evoking, as in the old way, a prelude to the metamorphosis of ecstatic life with the lines of the collection are significantly dedicated to the paradoxical relationship that the poet entertains with nihilistic white sheet and with words.

We watch the poet becoming overabundant in whiter absence and melancholy with absence in presence, appearing almost like goddesses to pray through the ritual magic of poetry and, in a sense universal. This immortal sentiment seems to often touch the valuable opportunity to decorate the search for meaning with delicate and sensual nuances.

Given the pollen of the poet's pain in the book, there is nothing superfluous and is to mean an irrepressible vitality, but also the predilection of life, the petition of a further sense of added value. The magnificent theatre of nature, so present and alive in the book, is summoned to witness a impossible dialogue.

Thus, in the poems, we breath our childhood, figures and shadows, the lyrics more clearly parading as a real diary in verse, with the passing of the seasons that become seasons of the soul, and the baggage of life increases and deepens, that becomes a reflection on our past with a mysterious and seductive labyrinth in the tension between perceptive magnetism.

A must read, and a book that is a must in your luggage of readings, also recommended for those who are not lovers of poetry, because you'll be changed after reading the poems.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 176 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: January 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536517