Book Review: The Quest for Integrity: Jaswinder

The Quest for Integrity by Jaswinder is the story of a man who lives his life regardless of the opinion of the society and has ingredients ranging from the genius of an banker with a difficult character, a gleaming small town in fervent urban expansion, a set of characters to embody every vice and human virtue, a explosive clash between individualism and altruism, exaltation and suffering, independence and servility, money and ideals.

The narrative pits the brave Purshottam Gill who conscientiously works to perk up performance as well as lift up confidence at the Bank of the Nation’s Amlawar branch is held up by a conspiracy of trade union officials, politicians, and even a few of the bank’s higher-ranking officers, whose ambitions are threatened in opposition to the forces of greediness plaguing present social order.

Among those who line up against Purshottam are Neki Lal, who ascend from an existence of poverty to develop into a union leader, Ramesh Trivedi, a determined bank officer who owes his loyalty to Lal and tempted into partnership with influential Public Party leader Gulshan Kumar but when Trivedi’s conscience brings a change of mind, the results are shocking.

An extraordinary literary work that depict the struggle of the individual for the realization of aspirations against the influential class that hides behind veils of declared solidarity and humanity and join together for the annihilation of the aspirations of an individual. It requires a careful reading but gives a great pleasure to read a very high quality story, with the characterization, the descriptions, and the dialogues are never banal.

The characters are functional to the message that they want to convey, while sinning characterization of excess and deprivation of shades, which express the dichotomy between intransigence and compromise. The story blends with the underlying theme of the book integrating and enriching it to read, and even to look at the world with different eyes around us.

The book is wonderful and is absolutely recommended for those looking for a timeless masterpiece, full of principles, emotions and human feelings, to those who love their land, society and country where exceptional selfishness is exposed in all its forms, from the most subtle to the most noble and positive.

The book is challenging because it makes you think, makes you wonder about what you do every day and a book for those looking for himself, for those looking for a bit of self-confidence, with an open heart and without frills. It is a book that you will not forget, and those who read it cannot but feel lucky.

A wonderful book where nothing is more important than love for our society and what makes us happy and is a book without sin but a source for our minds to remember that we came to earth without weapons and the mind is the only weapon and all that we have comes from this one attribute with a mind that thinks.

A very well written beautiful book on the freedom of the individual from patterns and compromise that is very well written with a book that captures selfishness and selflessness often undermined by social conventions and the desire to be accepted as staying true to yourself is not easy.

Publisher: CreateSpace  ○ Published: September 2015 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-1517044213  ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 360