Book Review: Logically Stupid, That's Love: Shikha

Logically Stupid, That's Love by Shikha is a psychological novel of growth in which the protagonists will learn, mistake after mistake, to indulge in emotions and give it to themselves because although love makes you do stupid things, but is also able to make everything wonderful.

The story focuses on Sahana, a sweet girl with a humble heart, who dream of having a beautiful life together with Kartik, who flirt with her initially but his ambitious and logic come in the way as he want to be successful at any cost and one day Sahana’s sweet and genuine heart gets shattered irrecoverably as logic seems to be winning the battle, and life sorely test in situations of severe pain that lead her to protect around a wall of emotional coldness and resentment.

And who can blame her if, in a moment of great pain, he decided to hide his true soul and create a new character of a new cold and safe woman, very different from her true character. The protagonists make many mistakes, and there are several misunderstandings between them, their squabbles are sparkling and in their discussions there are many truths.

Among bickering, laughter, tears, and unspeakable secrets, the two players will be forced to look inside and learn about a part of themselves never revealed to anyone until destiny refuses to move on and adamantly brings them face to face again that eventually will lead to a reflection that they'll grow.

The protagonist Kartik is complex but then when you enter into his feelings, you can imagine and you understand his choices and his behavior. The emotional journey of the main character Sahana is also really enjoyable, putting aside for a moment the story itself with an impression that the text was written as an emotion felt as if the protagonists had really tried, talked and lived certain times, some dialogues and emotional journeys with certain emotions very well described.

The story is really touching, beautifully written in words, such as the analysis of female psychology and history itself that drives you to connect one with the life of the protagonist. A woman who knows what she wants, which takes respect and without feeling compelled to return or throw in a broken and still bleeding heart.

The story in itself would have been a fiasco if it was written by a pen less talented and very often what is striking is the very description of emotions that make you think, take you to remain hooked to the lines and confront your own past, remembering the mistakes of life and finding comfort in the way it has survived some painful moments.

You will love this book because of the emotional journey of the main character, as the emotions will make me think, and even grow, you! You can also grow in front of a story well written. In the world there are many people like Sahana suffering of horrible situations, which hide behind the fa├žade of coolness as she does.

We should have the courage to abandon the false facade to let us really go to real emotions, in which we must not pretend to force that all is well. The meaning of this book will be able to reach everyone who needs to take a break from the problems and that leads to a deep reflection.

The story is well-structured, with lots of twist in the story with a novel that takes you to the last page swiftly. It is very well written and you can read everything in a rush, because it is never boring and does not slow down the passages.

The story all in all is well written, and is very pretty that focuses primarily on the protagonists is enjoyable and pleasant as love unfolds slowly, making interesting the performance of all. A pleasant reading if you want something to accompany the journey on the means to get to and from work.

Do not let the events take away the scent of your petals, do not let yourself wither by events, let the thorns will prick and your heart to bleed, but be the person whose would it fair.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: January 2016 ○ ISBN-13: 978-9382665564  ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 304