Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote: Ravi Subramanian

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian is an emotionally engaging story with unexpected twists and intriguing plot that unfolds in the context of work, and society, to become a complex story of everyday.

The book narrates the story of an overwhelming passion experienced by Aditya Kapoor, a young successful banker and well-known Indian author, who in the eyes of all and of himself live a perfect life. He has a solid and stable marriage being a loving husband married to a wonderful woman and a father of a wonderful, sweet and polite child.

His life could be called almost fairytale who lives in a bubble, protected by his daily life until he meets young, beautiful, and reckless Shreya Kaushik, a student with a heart full of ambition and what she wants is to be a bestselling author. After a series of meetings between the two, they began exploring inside of human emotions and within a few days, his welfare gives way to an inexplicable evil to undertake an extramarital affair.

Aditya is unaware of the fact that the future is a dark book in which destinies are written involuntarily, almost coming from parallel worlds as he begins to feel an existential loneliness, which leads him to want to live a different life more perfect, more carnal, more humane, but also more alive.

The encounter with Shreya captivates him into a spiral of depression, which makes him feel apathy and an empty existence, never felt before. This "mistake", makes Aditya more human, and helps to redeem himself and find the right way for the pursuit of happiness for himself and his family.

This novel is not a banal attempt to explain the malaise that is rampant and a device to justify adultery but the problems faced in the pursuit of happiness and through the betrayal of one's spouse is the message that the writer has tried to pass through this book as Aditya strives to be happy, but happiness is not synonymous with fiction.

A plot with an impalpable thickness, the chapters are short and in general the reading is sliding. Reading the story, it is very exciting, and seems that the author wanted to venture into the human psyche, and in fact, the characters have a well-defined personality.  There are some special and interesting reflections of the novel with an attempt to perdition sexual and psychological shades of gray.

The introspection of the characters, although not very deep, is just to create an accurate picture of the psyche of each of them and understand their behaviour and the way in which the human mind in general can be diverted by certain experiences or episodes. The story follows a trend already seen but is not boring or obvious with no shortage of twists.

A primer of pitfalls and obstacles, this beautiful novel is recommended to all those who can understand and accept their own imperfections, that helps us to be human and to be able to forgive. In conclusion, the author is ambiguous, as he hosts multiple people, the wise and the libertine, who together form a questionable prophet, and the ones to be left out of the door through beautiful analysis by the author who is passionate, profound, real and sincere.

Publisher: Westland ◘ Published: October 2015 ◘ ISBN-13: 978-9385152382 ◘ Language: English ◘ Binding: Paperback ◘ Pages: 392