Book Review: The Mystery of Bila Land: Nitish Krishna

The Mystery of Bila Land by Nitish Krishna is a crystal clear book with moral up ingenuity on the world, society, politics, with a look that seems calibrated on the ice, on the rocks, the horizons of nature rather than on ambiguous human landscapes.

Vibhas splits up from his trekking group and enters the beautiful terrain of the Bilas, a local ethnic group belonging to a wooded area in the Himalayan Mountains. The appalling reality about his dreams is revealed in the Bila Land, which hosts all the places that he has been seeing in his dreams for the past fifteen years.

On the other hand, there is more than just the answers to his dreams to be found here. As truth after truth gets unveiled, Vibhas realizes that what Bila Land has to present him is an experience that no human kind has had in a thousand years or further. This clear gaze, so well described by the author is the perspective from which the book starts from the dreams of a boy who follows the flight of the eagles setting fire to the imagination that give voice to thoughts and emotions.

The book bear the imprint of an extraordinary man who has measured with untouched walls, survived the great tragedies, found extreme and inhospitable land, approached with respect and curiosity wild animals and primitive peoples. This is a book in two voices, intense and unrepeatable, with the testimony of a continual and honest man with himself and with the forces of nature, full of personal memories.

In the mountains Vibhas encounter dangerous situations in which only large luggage of knowledge allows an appropriate response. It is essential to have a clear expertise in every aspect of life in the wall. Moving on treacherous terrain, speed means safety. Climbing to its limit is like playing Russian roulette with each rotation of the drum, the chances of finding the bullet increase.

Continue to rise is the mantra so that the extreme alpinist constantly repeats. To move fast is a concept that permeates every page of this text. This is a novel that aims to teach to face their fears, using instincts and joyfully opening the mind to the endless roads that connect all human beings as they embark on the path of life.

The protagonist is going through a spiritual crisis and is looking for a path to guide him to the revival. All set off on a long mystical journey that will take them closer to the ultimate goal of every man, the infinite Love. An unrepentant thriller, that will make you think inside and outside the mountains.

The book tells the adventure of Vibhas from the time in which nothing will be as before. This is a novel about betrayal and oppression, describing the detached tone and mocking in a constant counterpoint between the inside and the outside that makes a fiery narrative tension.

The author is very capable to trace the psychological picture, behavioural and social character, describing the unbridled ambitions of career and the context in which usually works, at the same time are dissected in detail customs and habits very provincial and fogies of family members, neighbours, and friends etc.

In the narrative involves several characters, major and not, whose stories intersect with each other in a way that in the early chapters, it may seem dissociated. The story emerges most clearly when the exploits of the various protagonists, some of which act indirectly, intertwine, giving rise to the plot that serves as a transcendental background to concrete actions.

The latter is slowly brought to light in the course of the narrative from the point of view of the characters, which lead the reader through their travels, thoughts and emotions, which differ from each other depending on their role and experience in that line. Although the setting is that of a fantasy world, the coherence and realism are constant presences in the work.

Even what it appears supernatural is presented in a plausible way and, in the simplicity of an environment populated by a reduced variety of peoples, the real course of events seemingly insignificant takes unexpected turn. The various ethnic groups were given an accurate historic and linguistic thickness.

Overall, the reading is presented in an evocative style. There shines often poetry, sometimes you come across terms almost courtly, implying the intent of the author to make the story as more akin to the world of which he narrates. A race against time that stimulates reading; a simple lexicon and therefore is also suitable for young people; a story slide that recalls elements and characters of classic fantasy tales.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 162 ♥ Publisher: Notion Press ♥ Published: June 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384049768