Book Review: Make Believe: Maya Kavita

Make Believe by Maya Kavita is a strong novel, full of emotion, full of feelings and passions of hatred, friendship, madness and pain. It’s a novel about the fragility of human beings with a weak character, unable to be guided by reason preferring to surrender to the call of the soul and the heart, willing to do anything to defend their lusts.

Jane Littlefield’s brutalised corpse is found in Tapan Rao's bathtub, who is the prime suspect and goes missing himself. And the police are being used by a mass assassin to take his vengeance on the bloke he blames for the death of his son. Ella Laraway meets with Detective Rae Birnam to talk about Rao’s disappearance.

As the police start a manhunt for Rao, Ella goes to Spain with a commando group to try to find Rao other than Ella falls into a disastrous trap where she’s gets almost killed. With all of these considerations it is a commendable novel in every way and is a must read for fans of the genre, though even those readers who generally are interested in other types of books.

The finish is fantastic and almost more than a book, a game to play knowing that you will lose, just for the sake of trying because in the end the important thing is to participate and learn about a text that for its natural structure remain in your memory for content and the storyline.

Who loves murder mysteries will love the book even more, to read over, and who did not like this genre will not look at them anymore with the same eyes. The writing is meticulous and never boring, and wind from the present to the past with a helpful smoothness.

The characters are well defined and all really credible. Each one has their own personality and each has its own history well explained. The main character is nothing short of amazing, unstoppable and at the same time living the problems of everyday life, with ups and downs and everything else.

The book is able to move, to thrill, to make us hate and let us adore its characters and in the end, really leaves an empty feeling and nostalgia. The style is simple and strong characterized by cut tight and highly cinematic dialogues. It makes it very smooth and fluent reading with the flow of the narrative.

Its a book with multiple twists really several misleading and ensure a suspense at the highest level and indeed nail in the succession of pages, triggering an increasing desire to continue to add a piece to the big puzzle that characterizes the plot.

Roughly half a second after you finish your book, after reading the last word, the readers should feel pervaded by a powerful emotion for a moment, only has to think of all the things they has just read, relate the cover and smile with a hint of sadness, because you feel that those people will miss you.

The style is pleasant, youthful, that can be understood willingly and the rhythm overall is good that keeps the reader enthralled with beautiful and detailed descriptions of the places, both internal and external, and the setting. The plot is compelling even though the intent is repeated to give the reader the idea that they had finally understood the end and the web appear not at all forced.

Throughout the book keeps the reader in suspense and then displaces all with a shot. The twists and turns are not lacking, indeed nothing is what it seems, the absolute truth does not exist anymore, as the characters and environments, and there are more possibilities.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 340 ♥ Publisher: Tara Press ♥ Published: August 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8183861335