Book Review: Instant Love: Jyothirllata Girija

Instant Love by Jyothirllata Girija is a light story, engaging and humorous. In life there is room for all for moments of conviviality, for those more serious, for the intensity and for the laughs. Written in a rather smooth way, the book certainly stands for a plot rather original and not at all superficial.

In the book nothing is missing. It has characters, success, friends and above all the love of Surya, small and lonely. This perfect life is turned upside down by the arrival of Rajadhirajan, a boy almost like any, that the two meet in the car. Without being fully conscious, Rajadhirajan intrudes upon the tried and tested nobility of Surya, and then the challenges begin as other characters intrude into their lives regularly, sometimes forcibly.

A last resort, and in some ways paradoxical, where the boundaries are blurred, with confused identities, lost orientation, the only way to move forward is to experiment, hoping to get better sooner or later, although tiring, and without awareness of reality.

A good story where the characters are described elaborately where in the life of Surya decisions are made more by external events than by her will. A very pleasant reading for a bittersweet story written with depth, the author, even with her light tone seemingly carefree, is able to analyze the human soul masterfully outlining the genesis and development of emotions and feelings, drawing synthesis very effectively.

As in that I love only you, even here half-jokingly are mixed and observed with natured eye, but precise and you end up becoming attached to these unbearable thirties who behave like teenagers, but they find the ability to learn from life and redeem their immaturity.

The writer is not only fresh and spontaneous, but polished and precise, who can ease the tension and conflicts, plays down the pain, but enhance all facets of the human soul, making them the protagonists of the same characters. The events in the book could happen to any of us, so never say never!

Absolutely recommended as the book is very nice, smooth and light but not superficial where you can see love as something instinctive and genuine. Why deny yourself the opportunity to tap into each of the possible areas for a pure and senseless aspiration to the snobbery? If you want to go ahead, but avoid doing so at the expense of people like the author that only serve to provide functional elements to a plurality of ideas.

The book is sliding, like all the writings of the author, although at times one gets the impression of listening to the radio. She can be read and to intrigue, while not telling parables unusual or unpredictable. The protagonists find themselves in search of the meaning of life, then perhaps that is love, a purification of the things around them, a ray of sunshine to be handled by only the last paragraph.

The writing is rooted in contemporary, without falling into the ridiculousness of some adolescent idioms particularly the use of direct speech, rare, essential and well highlighted graphically. It is a tangible manifestation of a generational malaise that same impossibility or futility of confronting dialectically with who we face? Perhaps there remains as the only alternative a soliloquy with what we persist in calling Consciousness.

The story flows in a fairly pleasant way and amorous acrobatics of the protagonists keep attention alive to the end.

ISBN-13: 978-8182536371 • Binding: Paperback • Published: November 2015 • Publisher: • Pages: 235 • Language: English