Book Review: Glimpses of Poetry: Chithra Hari

Glimpses of Poetry by Chithra Hari is a brief but intense collection of poems that pleasantly surprises the reader where you can reflect, discover new styles and ideas, and can learn.

The author lives her poetry who knows how to create poetry. This short collection of poems involves the reader from the start, because it touches on issues of common interest, depicts glimpses of everyday life, vibrates the strings in each of us because they are universal feelings of love and friendship that crowd the lyrics.

The poems sometimes are almost sealed, where we open a window on the memories of the author; the joy at finding that special someone with whom to share part of his journey. And together with the joy also the fear, the fear of losing a loved one, the anxiety that she can change, tire or forget about him; and at the same time, the awareness of not deserving this love, she knows not to be capable of great leaps, but they can promise only small smiles everyday. Fleeting, like sand from hands.

In the end, however, the prevailing hope of a better future and a willingness to get involved, not to stay in the oceanfront looking helpless, but to dive, however. The poems are intense, simple without touching the banality, carrying the reader into a world of sweet memories and nostalgic visions.

Think in poetry and think of poetry as if they were the stages of the same breath that in fact requires firmness of the literary classic, and that the instant the poet is thoroughly committed to prove the groundlessness and deceptions, thus obliges the manufacture or rather dismantling of your whole life ahead of such work.

The overall result is poems that are contagious, with strong rhythmic tightness and tension. It is a demonstration of how the author manages to skilfully use simple words who has an extraordinary imagination that finds inspiration from everyday life and flirting, playing, having fun, with the common words, used by everyone, but they become evocative, melodic, in the magical alchemy of its composition.

The words follow the flights of fancy of ideas and thought and there is a subtle play in the ongoing relationship between figures and steady the mind builds reading the poems and expressions that articulate docile and flexible to her game. The poems without exaggeration are intense, deep and, together, ironic to almost become comical.

The author knows how to fuse vivid glimpses of enchanted magic realism, combining elegy and tragedy in a modern synthesis that seems to possess the retro beauty of black and white with silence cloak the fragile voice leaving uncovered the hidden impulses and desires, giving voice to the intermittence of the heart, opening up universes ego.

The author's verses has the gift of grace and harmony of composition of a soft language and at the same incisive, who in his undeniable lexical richness does not lose the fundamental advantage of immediacy and of simplicity.

A language that sometimes blurs things and people touch the thin air, leaving blurred like an impressionist painting; sometimes instead you take it, delineating them in a few bold strokes, or chasing, running images and thoughts before our eyes, almost in passing; at times rather slow pace, leaving us time to savour the details of atmosphere, of a place, of a face, without sinning verbosity or redundancy.

A book to be enjoyed all in one go or to sip slowly, with the reader has the choice.

ISBN-13: 978-8182536326 • Binding: Paperback • Published: September 2015 • Publisher: • Pages: 88 • Language: English