Book Review: Fizz: Kannan

Fizz by Kannan traces the history of the Indo-Pak conflict where we find fascinating characters, moralists, poor, generous, forgiving, fixers, conservatives, liberals, and not least organized crimes.

Since the '90s, the Indo-Pak conflict gradually began to change their nature, and low-intensity conflicts began to take on even the outlines of a war of intelligence. At the centre of the plot is Pakistan's ISI who immediately grabs the opportunity to nuke India through the defamed Qadar Khan.

Khan in due course have to make the decision to take the side of the government or made by one of the conspirators who wanted to subvert order in the country in which Khan was born, so that he can reclaim lost respect in Pakistan, his adopted country. Under international demands from dollar donor countries, his family is arrested.

Syed Ashraf Pasha, a patriotic ostentatious general of Pakistan and the man projected as future Army Chief denies any plot that he was executing, but sows doubt and suspicion, and was regarded as traitor for betraying the cause. You will have to read the entire book to find out to find out whether the nukes are finally detonated and what happens in the aftermath?

Here, this book contains a piece of hidden reality narrated through the words of the author and presents the motivations of those who moved for and against, their land of origin, their values, their goals. And then there are those who betray homeland and ideals and that changed the flag several times, forced by events or by utilitarian reasons.

A story of plots, conspiracies of big powers with organized crime, who can anticipate who will be the winners each time. We find heroes who are labelled traitors and traitors as heroes. The betrayal of an ideal and of a whole community can be one of the most tragic consequences for someone and exhaustingly dehumanizing, always fought face to face with the enemy.

The red thread of the novel, which runs through the narrative is the imbalance between India and Pakistan that still remained unresolved. A fascinating novel, burning, poignant and desperate, that shows the intricacies of the Indo-Pak conflict where you will understand more about the history of the conflict in this novel than in school textbooks albeit in a fictional manner.

And then there are fantasy figures that lighten the story, who darn historical flap and help us breathe a sigh among many raw and tragic images, as raw and tragic is war. A beautiful book with the prose elegant and flowing with the pleasantness of the construction, the interest of the content that prevent dropouts and almost regretfully you get to the last pages, giving the farewell to real people and those that seem a real fantasy.

The pace is relentless and lively, the plot and the fluid narrative are compelling and after reading you will find curiosity to investigate over a period that was far more complex than what they tell us on the newspapers and television.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 146 ♥ Published: July 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352013227