Book Review: The Curse of Brahma: Jagmohan Bhanver

The Curse of Brahma by Jagmohan Bhanver takes the reader to a world where the gods interact with men, and that the world is a mixture of divine and human descendants.  An epic war threatens to explode and turn the tide of the world as we know it. A war between gods that lie beneath our eyes.

Brahma’s curse sets in action a series of events that threatens to change the destiny of the three worlds. In a fit of wrath, Brahma banishes his luminary apprentice from Swarglok. Severely offended, as well as distressed at Brahma’s unwarranted castigation, the bloke struggles to endure in the torment of hells. In time, he becomes the sinister peer of the realm and the most feared stature in Pataal Lok, who swears to tear down Brahma.

Vasudev, the courageous Prince of Bateshwar becomes the huntsman of Asura assassin's; his closest friend, Kansa, nearly dies saving his sister, Devki, the beautiful princess of Madhuvan, from a faction of lethal monsters and the most courageous kings in Mrityu Lok turn over to the sinister side, driven by forces beyond their control. Devki, who is ordained to give birth to the combatant Krishna, is the only one being who threatens the sinister Lord’s well-laid tactics.

The story is well written and drags you into a world full of adventure does not fail and is full of twists  that involves you up to the end, despite the length, because it is well written.

An exciting book from which you can not detach yourself with illuminating light and enveloping shadow, the colour of a life in black and white near and contemporary mixed with a mythology so real and tangible, so likely to feel the smells and tremors in a great story, written with skill, the right timing, the breath chasing pauses, and then staying for then, again, speed.

It is not a book that is read and then you let one hand, but it is a book that will accompany long evenings of children with beautiful conjugation between mythology and irony. It’s really well done, where nothing is left to chance and even the story is very exciting. The extraordinary thing about these characters that blend of fantasy, mythology and history, with an imaginative mind and a bit craziness may seem real. They are so well described and complete that you cannot but appreciate.

This book may be called the most intriguing in fact, despite the fast pace and the absence of events particularly adrenaline, the construction of the plot, with the accumulation of various elements and clues that lead gradually to the discovery of what is really happening will literally haunt you and leave you in suspense throughout the book.

The author has created a certain empathy with the reader, so strong that it can transmit any kind of feeling. Every word of book is carefully designed to create a incredible domino effect with a compelling story from cover to cover, never predictable and full of suspense.

The characters are well described, both physically and in character, so much so that you will know them so well that you will be able to anticipate their moves and their thoughts and will enter your heart very easily. The mystery is dense and intricate and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in a methodical way, and you realize they have magical abilities beyond any imagination.

The book is complete with everything with action, supernatural beings, love, pain. An exciting novel that keeps you glued to the pages with the desire to know, to discover the truth. And when all seems quiet, it breaks the ruckus.

The journey is long and complex, but pleasantly smooth and dynamic, full of staged shots, meetings with interesting characters, scenes with plenty of bloody battles and crude images. An explosive mix that makes the novel a must for fans of the genre.

ISBN-13: 978-8129135339 • Binding: Paperback • Published: February 2015 • Publisher: Rupa Publications • Pages: 396 • Language: English