Google Domains officially launched in India, UK and Canada

Google Domains is a service that allows you to register your domain through Google's servers. After a phase of private testing, with a few select companies, here's the beta testing that has launched throughout the United States, India, UK, and Canada. Currently, Google Domains is still in the testing phase and, as previously happened with other services, it is accessible by invitation only in other countries or needs a credit card with US billing address.

In the summer of 2014, Google surprised everyone by entering the web domains market. Now it's official and the big companies are trembling. It is because, with the power of Google, the registration of a domain could become much easier.

Google has already made clear in the summer of 2014 some details that enrich the promotions of the domains. Here are the services that will be definitely linked to the Google Domains. Until now, in fact, Google offered the chance to have an email address (Gmail), as well as advanced tools for the analysis of web traffic generated by the company's website (Analytics), but on the domain space, it had always postponed to partners such as eNom or GoDaddy.

The initiative is part of the strategy which involves the company encouraging and facilitating the entry of small companies on the web. Even Google Business (Maps, Search and Google+) example follows the same line of thought. Here are the features offered.

Google Domains images

Free private registration that allows you to hide your name, address and so on. There is the Whois search without having to pay a third-party service;

Free receipt of emails sent from any personal Gmail address in the inbox;

Free redirect;

support for up to 100 subdomains;

support to all new TLDs that will debut in the coming years.

100 email addresses linked to the domain of the selected web site;

Only 12 $ or Rs. 860 per year in India (for the base domain);

Collaboration with Shopify for creating E-commerce portals;

Collaboration with Weebly, the famous portal to create their own site through widget, a bit like Wordpress;

Collaboration with Squarespace for the CMS;

Collaboration with Wix great tool to create your own website;

Quick Links to Google DNS;

Google has already released the first extensions of the new top-level domains like .coffee ($ 30) .company ($ 20) and .ninja (19 dollars) which will be added to all the others.

Google Domains will also be one of the few services offered by the group to have a dedicated telephone support. As already said, the service is currently accessible only by those who have an invitation. To apply for one you need to access the registration page and click the link "I'd like to request an invitation code". It will be also possible to transfer domains already registered with other companies and will be available tools for the guided creation of a Web site, in collaboration with partners, as you can guess from the description on the homepage.

But with Google, you know the services they never end. While they are still science fiction, thankfully other companies in the sector, links through the purchase of the domain with services of Analytics caliber AdWord and AdSense, here are the confirmations that still scare the industry leaders. Google has set up some very strong partnerships with major companies, not only in the domain registration but also in the simplified creation of the website. Think will be given to Blogger users (Google's CMS service).

So, while the hosting will be delegated to other companies, Google Domains will simply record the name of your domain. The extra gear is in the just cited collaborations that give luster to additional services for the subsequent creation of the website. In the recording step further, Google reserves the right to maintain total anonymity in personal information (WhoIs).

Google will simplify the creation process of a web domain name, making it user-friendly and extremely customizable, with the ability to have great benefits in terms SEO and Google, which regulates the indexing. It is unclear whether it will trigger even more services that Google only grant such as Google Apps (Gmail) and SEM services (AdSense and AdWords).

In addition to the transfer or purchasing the domain listed in the official page, private registration is completely free, cross-domain forwarding, up to 100 subdomains, various management tools (Google Synthetic Records, TTL configuration etc), business emails that include up to 100 customizable alias.

Google is about to establish itself in a market very prolific and active as that of Internet domains. As stated in various press releases on the net prices will be particularly advantageous. What is certain is that many will not desist the charm of the brand so we can expect that many requests come to register a domain on Google. Google Domains can be reached at