Book Review: When the Heavens Smiled: Ritesh Arora

When the Heavens Smiled by Ritesh Arora is a heartstopping, divine, daring, warm and passionate love story that will open up your mind to fresh unexplored realms of existence with a novel that deserves to be seen not only as a simple reading of evasion, but above all as a great lesson in life and love.

Sarthak Arora is a handsome as well as clever engineering graduate from Delhi who has only just bagged a high paying career with an IT concern in Kolkata who falls in love with Sarangi Sen, a gorgeous, full of life Bengali young woman working as a front office executive at The Grand Vilas, a luxury hotel in Kolkata.

Opposites in every means the desirability is on the spot and reciprocal and so is their falling in love, even if it remains undeclared for long but as soon as things seem to be falling on track, similar to a bolt from the blue, Sarangi is diagnosed with a health state that leaves her with merely three months to breathe. With no evident way out at hand, not anything but destiny seems to be holding supremacy.

Sarthak and Sarangi are to renew the broken thread of love, to unlock the secrets of intimacy, and to make you discover the ultimate meaning of the total mutual bequest as they  invite us to purify the eye and the heart, with love shine clearly in all its forms, who treats you with respect, always, in every situation. Finally, it makes you feel better.

In the face of Sarthak and Sarangi one can see the outlines of all the faces, often marked by suffering, but bright because they bring to the world a value and a decisive light who lecture perfectly on true love, the tenderness, the feeling, the divine mystery that lurks in the human communion.

There is a word that goes beyond the word beautiful. Probably the answer is in this novel, so immensely deep, sweet, melancholic and honest that no one could ever do it justice because this novel is a catharsis of feelings, a bottomless well of human and spiritual understanding, a perfect novel in every word and emotion.

It differs from the usual romance because it gives life to the reader emotions doing away decidedly erotic style that we find everywhere. Here you can see the difference immediately from the first page with the description of the characters, full of love, truth, friendship and maturity.

The author has a way of telling the feelings of the characters that goes beyond the simple and, at times, aseptic narration is something infinitely more powerful and engaging where it is obvious throughout this dedication, as if every star had donated a part of them making animated pages that pass before your eyes.

Sarthak and Sarangi despite everything, cannot stay away, any excuse is good to spend time together and to help each other very much, with a form of communication that is striking and exciting and will touch you deeply. There are moments particularly hot, but the beauty of the novel is just that the incendiary sensuality that you breathe while never exceeding certain barriers.

In the novel the whole thing delight the soul, and therefore by the end of the book will remain in new feelings that enrich the baggage of our experience, despite being mere spectators.

Everything about this book is loveable, the romance, the supporting characters and the strong emotions. Calling it beautiful is an understatement, because this novel is incredibly beautiful, in its smallest part. There is no limit to love, as there is no boundary to the destiny that leads us in light of our journey.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: October 2015 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-9382665526  ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 168