Book Review: The Pillar Invisible - Hari Parameshwar

The Pillar Invisible by Hari Parameshwar catapults us into an intricate tangle of culture, mystery, and esotericism, and philosophy, revisiting with great style and with a generous dose of sarcasm and, adventure that join the quality of the writing and the charm of the topics covered, as well as to a purely human aspect is not some minor, developed through the experiences of the past and present of the three protagonists.

Three folks IIM topper Satya, who quits two days after his elevation as the Group CEO of a major Indian business group, Raja, once a trade unionist and a familiar political pimp, who suddenly renounces everything and turns to mysticism and Tom, the one and only owner of a multifaceted business empire, who attempts suicide have never met or known to each other.

A year later they surface, molded in concert as a single heart, with their pristine entity, Tasāra, labeled with the insignia of a pyramid supported by three visible pillars and a fourth invisible pillar, representing someone who is powerful, prominent and luminous, other than prefers to stay hard to pin down.

Thus began for the three, a long and difficult journey that leads them through their inner conscience, where during the journey they discover the many meanings of life, more or less happy, and sometimes more or less dangerous. Many risky situations, even life itself, which means that the union between the three cement solidly to make them compact to address positively the events that fate puts them in front.

With care towards one another as the first value, the three individuals perform an almost impossible task to get together to resurrect a business empire, keeping intact the ethical values.

The narrative style is accurate, credible and fascinating with a perfect reconstruction of the protagonists’ lives. At the same time the pace of the narrative is lively, agile and smooth with these ingredients, together with the adventurous character of the story, make it suitable for young readers, who can easily be caught by the vicissitudes of modern day lives.

The business setting is also fascinating dragging the reader into a world far away but colorful, rich minds, mixing, fraught with danger but also resources. What in fact is striking is precisely the meeting, reiterated that the three individuals do with positive characters, good, able to help them with the means and the heart.

Still, the author's pen is deeply respectful of all reality, does not yield to the judgment but as a slight smile, giving way to the reader to breathe an atmosphere of tolerance, unity and, ultimately, justice. Needless to stress the book is beautiful and meaningful, in order to enhance the value of integration and resources of multiculturalism, with the choice of protagonists.

The goal of the author is to create curiosity in readers, writers, and fans of this genre, reinterpreting their own way, and with a large dose of theories and mysterious forces. The game went just to escape from their hands, and the line between reality and fiction will prove so thin as to become dangerous.

These machinations and their daring consequences alongside the personal lives of the protagonists and the emotional torment approaching the three characters to the reader, ease the reading and make it more human and pleasant after pages and pages of mysticism, citations and evocations certainly pleasant to read, and interesting.

The author plays with business and mysticism, balancing on the fine line that divides the rational, skepticism from blind credulity, the deeply held convictions by the desire to make new discoveries, inviting the reader to not stop at what he is told

The book is seriously seductive with its mysterious theories that too often are quite interesting.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 158 ♥ Publisher: Rumour Books ♥ Published: March 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8192953298