Book Review: Anything To Look Hot: Jas Kohli

Anything To Look Hot by Jas Kohli is the contemporary novel for you and you will not find only the tepid love story, but hilarious gags that will bring smile in your face with a reading fresh and current, full of unexpected twists that put us to the test, the secret is to face them with a pinch of irony.

When the celebrity diva of the times of yore doesn’t want to play the hero’s mother on screen, she insists that she be reshaped into the most gorgeous lady in the planet by any means. This is just one of the numerous out of the ordinary situations which plastic surgeon Dr. Dhruv faces in Mumbai who has dealt with despotic bosses and fussy patients while undergoing his training, during which he has also won over a dazzling specialist as his life partner.

However pleasing the film stars is a unlike ball game, as each young woman desires to boast bee-stung orifice and each chap wishes to show off a six-pack front without working too hard. And all this even as he has to defend against losing his poise over his ravishing lady clientele.

This novel embodies the thriller, humour and love. Well yes with surprising lightness and without complicated descriptions and plaiting, the author was able to produce a work very addictive and not heavy. Page after page, you are passionate about the narrative, with the surgeons tragicomic adventures who is the real strength of this novel who with his simplicity and the luck that surrounds all of us make us reflect a little.

The book by content from the first pages presents an attractive and fluent reading with a story that is enriched with page after page of places, coloured streets, faces and smells. But the author tells it with the sincerity that just belongs to the male sex, because, you perceive with clarity, pain, abandonment, anguish, a sense of responsibility, professional and personal. Yet, under an apparent realization of the facade, that passion appears alive and perhaps will not cease to be.

A beautiful novel having the fears of love, escape from reality, art, friendship, grotesque mistakes and above all the overwhelming passions with a man who tells you and brings with him, as you close the book, a dear friend that remains in the heart of the reader.

This story leads us to consider that, despite the different dynamics that every life offers, the authenticity of feelings and, more broadly, the soul of each of us, survives and offers perspectives and points of view on life different from the usual and helps to reflect and find the answers that we are close but often do not see them really.

When you open the book you already know that the content will leave you speechless, because it tells of a reality so charming and in this particular book the author offers a story about a plastic surgeons life that grips you with its pages to the end.

This is the ability of the author to explain clearly and fluently the events but also by the fact that these events deeply touch the hearts of those who have already experienced these human experiences that often engulfs the heart, and we cannot explain.

A book that involves the heart and life of every day in magical and fascinating revelations, the narrative is really quite fascinating, well written, with the story in this book is poignant and compelling. The emotion that comes out is powerful, deep, and very deep. Thanks to the author for this dose of laughter as this is always good for the heart and the humour.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: October 2015 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-9382665502  ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 208