Book Review: The Sire of Humellis: Aditya Prakash

The Sire of Humellis by Aditya Prakash is the sword of the soul and an interpretation of life and above all, as with any book, a way to reflect and learn about life with a valuable philosophical discussion, on life, on the passion of cycling, full of anecdotes, a canvas, embroidered with fine threads of philosophy, and those tragic and in many ways heroic.

The book is a story of a courageous man Adam and his passion for cycling with an accident changes his life who thought that fortune was in his hands, but he was not conscious of what this fate might bring him in the future. This love brings him to India to travel around the uncharted Himalayan trails.

They plan for it and implement it very well other than there is something gone astray in the sketch of his existence which was decided years back at the time of the formation of humans that Adam is also not conscious of. He is selected to fire up again and to put together optimism for the upcoming.

The book narrates the part of Adam's expedition of nerve and see Himalaya, unknown rural communities, mysterious places, astonishing creatures, and lands which helps a lot to understand, not only the characters, but also the widespread difficulty in their human existence.

After all each of us, in many cases, unknowingly adopts a lifestyle where each of us is a conscious or unconscious follower of a philosophical movement. And this book explained an extraordinary gloss for those who want an interest in exploring something new and even first want to venture into the depths of the meaning of life.

As efforts face the thought, the result is always the same; the philosophy limps behind the life and how we strive to understand the meaning of life, in spite of everything, life is a mystery that no one will fully explain and justify. To use a metaphor of cycling, in life we are always on the run from death and destiny. However life needs spiritual exercises.

And here it is that human ingenuity has made object, the human desire to feel free; here it is that human thought has coined pearls of spiritual wisdom to cheer the soul, forging the body; a means groped by existential escape; a gift for the spirit and the flesh. The book offers other interesting opportunities for meditation and cultural growth, expression of the combination of bicycle and mind.

A book full of discoveries that also provides insights of philosophical reflection, which is well worth reading, and in order to become aware of what happens to our minds, while pedalling because it should be remembered, you ride with the body and mind. Life is like riding a bicycle and if you want to balance you have to move because it makes life cooler and stuns our feelings.

Publisher: Champanzi • Published: 2015 • ISBN-13: 978-8193114803 • Language: English • Binding: Paperback • Pages: 198