Book Review: Keeping The Promises: Dhruv Gajjar

Keeping the Promises by Dhruv Gajjar is the story of a man who has lost everything, but he found the strength to stand up and believe in the sweet and sometimes bitter randomness of fate. And it is a miracle when the author can do so casting a spell on the reader from cover to cover, on a journey that leads us to discover a whole world and many unforgettable characters, with their sadism and their madness, but also their ideals and their generosity.

Meet the girl ‘M’ who changed the lives of the folks she cherished, and those who discover their true selves. Dhruv had almost misplaced himself when M brought him back to existence with her promises. Dying from a terrible swelling, every night before they went to siesta, she took a bit of his mind and heart as promises. For better or worse, he'd have to carry on the promises for the rest of his verve. On his flight of gratifying those promises, his attachment is strengthened with all those who, like him, are keeping their promises.

Retracing the story of his life, the author wrote a novel with overwhelming narrative power, where in cycles of increasingly fierce odium are interwoven stories in charge of eroticism and emotion. A novel that deals with the darker aspects of the history of his life and at the same time is a touching ode to the power of love.

The story of Dhruv and M is bound to warm the hearts less accustomed to indulge in feelings and also learn to appreciate the inestimable value of the moments spent with the people we love. Then the final is really something shockingly poignant. In this sentimental novel, the author very politely and gently tells the story of M, a young woman.

The fate decides to change the course of his future and the tranquillity of his life and like a treasure discover among those pages a whole new person. Perhaps it also promises a new and romantic love.

The book will teach you the invaluable time passed between the things and the people we love. M is so much brave that she will immediately send a very strong feeling of empathy, her momentum towards life is to follow the example. The love story of Dhruv and M is so poignant.

Despite the simple plot, this book cannot ever be taken for granted, and gently takes us into the life of two characters marked by a great pain but still willing to get involved, and in fact, little by little we discover the life of two characters in love with each other. And through the story, Dhruv  learn that you can never close your heart to love.

This book will manage to move you deeply. The story has a sweetness that fills the soul. Dhruv is a gorgeous man, because he was able to overcome the excruciating pain of life and yet still manages to smile at life, but also to be reborn as a man finally abandoning hope of a new love. What makes this a must read is also the final, absolutely perfect.

The author demonstrates his remarkable skills as a storyteller, through a novel which, though very simple has the natural ability to capture the attention until the end and is a masterpiece of simplicity and sweetness.

The authors’ style is relentless, and despite the simplicity of the plot nothing seems obvious and without realizing it you find yourself sighing and cheering for all the players, full of character and charisma especially extremely real. Read it for the soul and fill your heart with feelings, hope immortal love.

A novel very sweet, a writing so intimate that just lay eyes on the text, and you seem to feel it coursing through the veins.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: 2015 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-9384180072  ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 200