Book Review: Guru with Guitar: Vikrmn

Guru with Guitar by Vikrmn takes the reader on a journey to the sacred places of power and indicates a way forward to develop his huge potential, a path that leads to self-knowledge and the awakening of the divine spark in the protagonists’ experiences in India and USA ranging from lettering his first book to becoming a trainer for cancer patients, and then a motivational lecturer, to at last becoming the Guru with Guitar.

Viktor, a US based financial expert of Indian origin was well-off, stylish, gifted, clever as well as expressive too, other than still was lost in finding the rationale of his existence who is a guy like many waiting to play the skein in the most congenial to his nature. The realization of his projects is not, however, written in his future, that is broken.

In spite of his great career and large pay package, he didn't feel the sense of satisfaction till he meets Kim, his lady luck who helped him grasp his dream verve, sparking a love fairy-tale. In spite of his letdown in chase of his dream, Kim stood by him till she decided to budge on.

Viktor is forlorn, lost again, and struggles to poise his aspirations and work life. From this moment, begins his next almost-life and begins a phase of his life without any yardstick to be able to relate to that on which he could rely on its essential independence, the one guaranteed.

A modern bohemian life of excess and strong feelings, in everlasting search of ever more intense flavour, spices to flavour the young life, still in bud and swollen with expectations. And one of those people who does not have the slightest intention of relegating his passion to a secondary role in his life. He wants to live music, wants to do what he feels to be born, and wants to jump in flight of an angel on the audience.

Fantastic book with 11 heart touching songs, 8 beautiful verses and 111 life-changing quotes scripted by the author opens up not only the mind but also the soul with this book is very interesting and engaging. The author writes very clearly, and takes your hand to the discovery of a man who is not always easy to understand. The book is dense, important, and meaningful and the path that you do will help you understand that health is the delicious fruit of an art that requires commitment and love rather than luck.

The book shows a human being cannot passively accept what happens, and cannot be a prisoner of the past and the circumstances of the case, because he is equipped with all the tools he need to build a future that measures of his dreams.

It’s a narrative that is moving forward, relentlessly, without stopping to devote to outbursts of anger and without pity. The story in the first person and the present tense, that vibrates with a tearing force, uploading a burden of pain even on shoulders of the reader.

There is often asked what roles and functions can take the literature, and once included a lucrative purpose, we cannot appreciate the human value of such narratives. The pen of the author has captured intimate feelings, deep thoughts, questions, fears. The substance is a story dedicated to life, its changes, to the joys and thorns, strolling through the steep roads.

The book takes readers into a real world, but sometimes little known or regarded with fear and disinterest where many people live and where the author can testify substance, rejection and acceptance, sharing with the public its path. And gently, gradually told from the point of view that looks shiny with consciousness the transition is taken for granted to the physical and psychological cage that closes when the events decide for us.

The book is a desperate ode to life. It’s a small, real touching story that blows up in your face the true meaning of our choices, and the consequences in terms of the difficulties to be faced to rebuild ourselves. In simple and very clear language there is a lesson imparted gently crucial to understand how much value we give to the things that seem obvious, they are no longer such when we come to lose them forever.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: October 2015 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-9382665533  ○ Language:  English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 264