Book Review: Drizzling Dreams: Mansi Tejpal

Drizzling Dreams by Mansi Tejpal is a collection of poetry born from the author to make an essential inner journey for seeking self-identity and the meaning of life in a particularly critical period of its existence. They express, therefore, erratic impulses suspended between life and existence in an atavistic opposed dual that has always characterized the tormented journey of human beings.

A landscape disguised under the guise of a disgusting hypocrisy. Perhaps, however, such a desire is likely to remain just a dream, an illusory projection of fantasy, wonderful faculty of human beings, a sort of amazing time machine, capable of breaking down barriers of the past, to make us relive the long journey of man, the arduous search for a dimension in which to place their own aspirations and cultivate improbable dreams.

Through the poems the author managed, despite harshly, to find the deep foundation of their personal stability, calling for an awareness of themselves and the world that goes beyond the mere material and temporal boundaries to embrace a vision of cosmic existence. The poems express always something very personal, feelings and emotions of those who write are, suddenly put out and proposed to the reader, who himself has to deal with what the author has in.

In Condition of being we are dealing with an author whose feelings, often negative, exude strength with her verses. This poetry anthology born, perhaps, for the author's personal need to fill a void there is anger and resignation, but also a faint hope, there is love and there is resignation.

All the feelings that daily agitate the human soul according to the time that you live, The author expresses them in her poems with simple style, so direct, managing to strike the reader and make him feel the verses as neighbours, as its, giving many the opportunity to identify with those verses.

The poems in this collection express an awareness of itself first of all, which is the basis for a happy life. To live is to love each other. If you do not love yourself you kill slowly and cruel poison fills the heart. What you go through a time of apathy or anger or a time of joy and hope the author manages to perfectly convey their feelings, touching the mind of the reader.

The book is not just a collection of poems, but an anthology that comes alive as a mosaic with insistent feelings and thoughts, never passive, never tamed, but in a series of flashbacks, leads the reader relentlessly and paced along the screen of a pitiless memory with a relentless succession of flashbacks, feelings and reflections that follow, fast-paced, inexorable memory on screen, which reveals a vision apparently disenchanted and cynical.

In the book we can see the presence of a nuanced contrast between night, dramatically associated with fear, and the next day, where anything can happen, because you just live a minute a day, apparently like many others, to change a life, which seemed designed to run on tracks over and over.
The winter forces isolation and loneliness but gives way to spring thaw that leaves a glimmer of a future life with gritty determination, with the bitter knowledge of having to watch your back, to keep from falling, once again, in the bottomless abyss of fear, cold as a starless night.

In this perspective love appears as a beautiful mirage in the desert of uncertainty and lack of holds, a beautiful mirage that deludes and then cut off all hope, with the indifference of those who does not grant the right of appeal. The style is simple and, in some ways, rough and essential. Poetry becomes the voice of the rebellion.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Pages: 241 ♥ Published: August 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536111


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