Book Review: Brand Cliches: Raman Kalia

Brand Clichés by Raman Kalia is a book to make you stop and think with a mild aide memoir to the fraught vendor as regards the purpose of his merchandise and how to put together his brands. This is not a primer but visual pages that pose questions with the answers lie with the product owners themselves and have been encouraged by the truths acknowledged by all marketers and brand cream of the crop, yet over and done by many practitioners.

After years of stability and solidity of the concept, the concept of branding is today on the verge of an identity crisis to meet the needs of consumers increasingly unpredictable and fickle who lead a life constantly in the balance between the offline world and online world. By combining theoretical considerations and concrete examples of the text shows that it is now time to turn an innovative approach for a brand reloading.

The topics in the book include from brand identity, brand image, reputation, dominance, sensitivity, positioning, brand portfolio strategy, brand equity, brand personality, brand extensions, co-branding, brand Zeitgeist, emotional branding, marketing strategies, standardization and adaptation, in new language and new media.

Brand is as regards replacing reservations with enduring reliance but the globe of brands has been dazed and analysts are probing the very survival of brands which seem to puzzle the consumer’s understanding with argot and ploys. Today, customers desire to trust and turn to other customers for factual information as the dependency on organisations and their brands to carve up such information is at an all time low.

This hardback helps you find out whether you have a durable brand name or just one more item for consumption in the bazaar which is here at present and vanish tomorrow. You get, well, in an extreme act of reloading that sees re-tilt over the traditional look on the brand where you must seize the competitive advantage of being a brand with certain values and distinctive visions, not only to consumers but also to those of their employees.

Professionals and experts in communication and advertising will reap fruitful reflection from reading this book, which also is a candidate as a useful tool for panoramic students and scholars in the field.

Written in a simple, original approach the book combine some basic concepts of marketing and communication processes. This book offers for students, managers and entrepreneurs a vision of three hundred and sixty degrees of a brand and is capable of investigating clearly the multiple dimensions.

A book all using plain language is very useful for those who want to understand how to create, modify and restructure a brand. The book is structured as a de facto manual with a text very understandable that presents a reinterpretation of the problems offered by the look of the brand, with enriching elements of renovation.

The aim of the book is to build brand personality sufficiently credible and strong that they can interact in their territories, without claiming to be able to segment in a completely controlled universe of consumers.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 212 ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352013593