Book Review: Blossoms from the Buddha - the Dhammapada

Blossoms from the Buddha - the Dhammapada by Jyothirllata Girija synthesizes effectively the creed of Buddha thanks to an illuminating commentary on each verse of wisdom. The Dhammapada exposes the basic concepts of ancient Buddhism in poetic stanzas.

The book illustrates step by step the basics of early Buddhism, in a simple but rigorous way, with the aim to guide the reader, the facets of Buddhism and Buddha's teaching. This text is one of the masterpieces of the spiritual history of mankind.

In short, the dazzling aphorisms not only transmit the highest teachings of Buddhism in the highest purity of the origins, but distil pearls of wisdom and mean the rules of conduct to be adopted in everyday life. Moderating both the doctrinaire principles of this great religion is the guidelines for a life in conformity with the Dhamma.

This precious book will not just increase your knowledge but also improve your life, impacting positively on changing your behaviour both in the sense of the constant practice of overcoming own selfishness and is strongly recommended to anyone wishing to approach an immortal classic of Buddhism.

With its poignant, poetic language in its bare essentials, the deep psychological truth, the book is both clear and sharp with a work that pushes the continuous reading and reflection, which can be viewed as a collection of spiritual aphorisms, with a handbook on the human mind, a moral treatise, or more.

The book offers a simple text, pleasant and non-denominational and the ideal reading for bringing Buddhism to those who do not yet know. Inside they are presented all the fundamental concepts, all placed in the form of verses. The result is a book from which to extract the purest teachings of the Buddha. On the other side, from the structure you can easily remember the verses, then to take them even when the book is closed.

An excellent introduction that places emphasis on the contents of the book, making them more affordable, as well as it helps the initial note on the original words. In fact, in this edition it is resent older and deeper meaning to the words. The book presents the Dhammapada divided into alternating verses from the comments. Each section is closely related to another.

The structures of the verses are different depending on the chapter that is going to read, and also according to the usefulness of the structure. Poetic structures exhibit several different concepts and are always appropriate. This is a fundamental text for anyone who wants to get closer to Buddhism, but it is also for those with esoteric knowledge and wants to understand how they are taught in the East.

The contents are dense, and the comment is sufficient to get in depth, and helps to understand the meaning that is given to the concepts in the tradition. Ultimately, the text is nothing short of dense and full of teachings.

Really everyone should read this book, as the words of the book are simple and immediately coming to the heart, with an easy to read text with a nice comment that it helps more reading. The text expresses in verse the fundamental concepts of Buddhism, with the reader absolutely fasting, and is taken in hand by the words of the Buddha, and be conducted on the other side.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Pages: 100 ♥ Published: September 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536203