Book Review: The War Is Not Yet Over: Jyothirllata Girija

The War Is Not Yet Over by Jyothirllata Girija is an autobiographical story narrating no more than such stuff as will not upset or damage the belief of others from one who has crossed the sea of excruciating sufferings and sorrows.

This is a story of people alive, really alive. It's the story of a nation that is dead, dead seriously. Starting a book with this premise is very appealing where you have the expectation of a novel with such an important aid, through a story, or hopefully through history, to navigate the contradictions of our present.

You will find yourself reading a personal story that traces the story of a working-class family, their role in her life, ambitions, growth, evolutions and involution. The family history is really nice and has interesting characters with exquisite ironies that will make you smile in most situations, sometimes over the top.

Sometimes a bit too self-indulgent, enveloped in her self and even her ambitions the author has write the novel of the nation and becomes the history of this his an effort that erupt from the pages, sooner or later. The book is therefore difficult to categorize, with full of perspective of history, where everything is mentioned and poured into these pages through family portraits, beautiful and true.

The book is about love, friendship and solidarity, and the novel is full of quirky characters, and you will like her love for sharing, for friendship, her desire to make us participants in her life and adventures lived. The book has a bit of mystery and novelty to the narrative as the reader of a book can be able to imagine, play, wonder and reflect.

In addition to the desire and sensuality, it is a widespread complicity that envelops you and supports you, where certain balances are not affected, only redefined. But with a woman, well, suddenly transforms your space, your rhythms are dilated, then gets narrow. It is a storm of emotions. You might not understand who you are, from acquaintances to knowledge.

From memories and professional achievements, private tragedies and intense relationships, childhood memories and family are sewn together by true and deep feeling that the narrator says at companion, from which the reader awaits reactions and replies throughout the novel, which hints at, but nevertheless surprising for the most connoted humanitarian solution to the narrative.

Among principles the truth is that there is love with madness and sentimental professions, poetic quotations, the yearning for someone you love, and it becomes even more painful if you think back to the places where you have been happier and ideological choices, curious, ripping a few smiles, moves, to reflect on the kind that can take on love.

If in principle biographies extol the path to a life combining the evolution of the facts from the advancing of personality, this book is mainly the biography of a soul, a character, a heart, of a mind. In very short chapters, which on average are placed on a couple of pages, grasp the individuality of the author, her way of being that has characterized it since childhood and now choose to share with the general public.

And then the long silences or unjustified tears, whether the subject anointed as abnormal and problematic instead diversity was not so much a sign of subtraction as an addition of attributes that made it more herself than ever.  The time spent in oblivion is serene contemplation of nature, a strong sensitivity that took her to acknowledge her as the suffering of others.

The story unfolds in frequent reflections on the evolution of this society and bulimic absenteeism, where the social network becomes, where the guidelines are called the media, where the senses are more and more clogged ear and display. The human being filtered by a screen loses humanity and the approval sinking the bucket in the wishing well.

And yet the journey of the writer in a faith that seeks the support of the absolute wherever it is, in religion as in nature. With beautiful and smooth writing, the book is memorable that reads quickly and pleasantly, even more so for those who share a fair bit of thinking heart of the author.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Pages: 241 ♥ Published: August 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536111